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Now everyone I hate it when people do this instead of a chapter that you've been waiting so long for but I have stories to tell.

Anyway this is mainly to my cousin and for people who don't know me this will be just be a funny and sad story. Right so cousin our plane got delayed for a day alright for mechanical problems. So when I heard this I thought that the plane was going to crash when they said mechanical problems so I didn't sleep that well. They took us to a hotel in an over crowded shuttle bus. We could have gotten back to the house and we would have but we thought we would get there late and there would be so much traffic and we would have to leave but then we found out that by the time the bus came to get us the drive was already home(for those of you don't know traffic in Africa is like a minimum of four hours so we didn't want to miss the plane). So we got to the air port and we looked for our gate along with the rest of the people that got delayed. So the place was not properly marked and there was a huge white sheet over were four gate numbers were one of them was ours. So my mom was trying to see where the gate was so she went into the place were the white sheet was covering and I was yelling at her to stop but it turned out that the gate was there behind the gate so the group that went to the hotel was still out ther and the group that didn't stayed behind that white sheet and slept there the night. So I'm pretty sure that about twenty people missed there plane thanks to not helpful people and poor signs. Once I got on the plane we had our little tv things in the headrest my remote in my seat wasn't working so I had nothing to do for Elena hours me and my mom sat next to each other and I wanted to sit in her seat in the ailse but she was like no sit in the middle so I did and when we took off that's when I realized my remote wasn't working I knew the flight attendant couldn't do anything like move me or something because the plane was fully booked and I mean FULLY. So I sat on the god damn plane for ELEVEN HOURS!!!ELEVEN HOURS!! Damn you delta I hate you and you stupid flying death trap. Then I had to go through customs and homeland security which just usually make you feel like you did something wrong even though you know you have your just afraid that you'll say the wrong thing and you'll get deported. And then there was so much walking. Oh you know when they take things from you that is against regulation. They don't let you take like ramen or for my cousin indomie. So odd TSA. The horrible flight and food on the plane and the plane getting delayed. DRAMA!!! so cousin tell everyone the story and say hi to Aunty for me thank I miss you guys but tell them the story I mean it .

I'm also sorry for not updating getting back into school and then I have to get my schedule changed again has been crazy so sorry for excuses but yeah that's my excuse.


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