making love.

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'Ang Laga De Re. Mohe Rang Laga De Re. Main To Teri Joganiya. Tu Jog Laga De Re.'

English: Touch Your body with mine. Colour me. I'm Your devotee. Cast a spell over me.

-- Ang Laga De, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela




a night later:

it was the night before kunal's wedding and a night before shrenu left his life forever. kunal's family and chipkali's family were all in the hotel sorting out everything for the big day tomorrow.

shrenu and nakuul were there as kunal's aunt asked them if they could help out. nakuul willingly agreed whereas shrenu unwillingly agreed.

as they were all set in sorting out everything. kunal went to the hotel bar and ordered an alcoholic drink.

kunal's POV:

after 10 minutes, I got my drink and before I knew it, a strong and vile taste slipped into my mouth. soon that glass was finished and I just wanted more.

however every drink I had, the pain and regret still stayed. slowly and slowly my head became as light as a cloud, my vision was blurred and I couldn't drink anymore.

kunal's POV ends.

shrenu: sunil uncle, I have to leave.

sunil: arre it's too late. ek kam karo, tonight stay in a hotel. I will quickly do a booking for you.

shrenu: but..

before she could complete, sunil already booked her a room.

sunil: here is your card.

shrenu smiles and says: thank you.

she gets the card and goes upstairs. kunal was stumbled to the lift and soon both were on the same floor.

kunal's POV:

as I was wondering about, the air was perfumed by the heavy scent of the lilies. only one person I knew wore a lily scent perfume and that was no other than shrenu.

kunal's POV ends.

he followed the scent and as shrenu opened the door, he found her. he ran into her room and closed the door.

shrenu turned shocked.

shrenu: you?

kunal: yes me!

shrenu: what do you want? aren't you happy already? you managed to kill me kunal.

kunal: shrenu...

shrenu could smell a strong scent of alcohol and made a face.

shrenu: look you are not in your senses. leave!

kunal pinned her to the wall. she could feel his hot breath against her neck. she tried to free herself but she couldn't.

kunal: I agree I made a mistake not trusting you but...but I was really mad and everytime I saw your face....I...I couldn't help but remember that day.

shrenu just cried. kunal softly kissed her tears away and then her eyes.

kunal: everytime I see you cry, something stabs my heart. tonight no tears. tonight I will make you mine.

shrenu didn't know what to say. she tried to speak but she couldn't. kunal took the room card from her and locked the door. he kept it on the wooden dresser and then went slower to shrenu. he swift her long curls to a side and rubbed his beard against shrenu's soft cheeks making her squirm. he did it more viciously only because she looked adorable when she squirmed. then....

shrenu's POV:

I felt a hot breath on my neck, then the tender brush of lips. burning as they make contact with my neck. a hand runs through my hair, as the kisses become harder and more urgent. another hand slides around my waist and pulled me closer to him where I could feel the beating of his heart against my body.

then his lips brush mine. not innocently, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. I want to pull away before I lose myself but I can't seem this minty moment, my senses have been seduced and I can no longer think straight.

his hand reaches for mine and they interlock as we kiss tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly.

shrenu's POV ends.

as they were in a long kiss, kunal managed to take off shrenu's shirt and broke the kiss. he started to leave purple marks on her neck and shoulders - marks that would last a while. before a minute passed, he lifted her up in bridal style and walked slowly.

he gently placed her on the bed and then went on top of her, adorning her body with more purple marks making her his.

soon they were both naked and now shrenu was on top of kunal, both engaged in another kiss. as they were in this second kiss, kunal rolled over with shrenu underneath him. kunal kissed every inch of shrenu's face. he lightly hovered on shrenu's body and gave her love bites on her collar bone, cleavage Valley and other parts. he situatedhimself in between her thighs and then the scene went blank and that was when the rest of the work was done.

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