Part 32- Mother and Son Talk

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Alex's Pov

As I left to the garden I just though as to why mom tried to get an SK essence. I reached the garden and turned around to see that mom followed me "Alex" Mom said and opened her arm's but I walked back and she put her arm's down "Why did you try to get the SK essence from Cadenza?" I ask and she looked down "Why!?" I all raising my voice "Because there were other shadow knight's who aren't able to get one by themselves" Mom said, "What do you mean?" I ask "I am like the co-leader of the shadow knight's, I help them when the Shadow Lord says so but it's been cruel. We had to kill many people to just get one essence for a shadow knight" Mom said, "Why?" I ask "The Shadow Lord says so, All of us killed many people. It was the 10th time when I disobeyed the Shadow Lord to kill more people, I was lucky to escape" Mom said and broke down and cried "Mom.." I said, "I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean to kill all the people I killed just to look for one essence to give" Mom said "Mom" I said "You shouldn't be calling me your mom Alex, I'm a killer. I killed many families for this" Mom said and I hugged her "Mom it's fine" I said "No it's not Alex, Just kill me" Mom said, "What would dad think if you died?" I ask "I have no family, I deserve no family" Mom said "You have a family, We are your family. What would you think everyone would feel if you died?" I ask "They wouldn't care, I was a killer that killed many innocent people. I am a wife of a superhero and your father married a killer he should kill me" Mom said "No, Your wrong, Everyone would feel sad that you died, Even worse" I said "No they wouldn't" Mom said "Yes they would mom, No matter what you did we are still family" I said "They wouldn't want a killer as a family member" Mom said and stood up and was about to walk out but stopped "I ended many happy lives in the world, I don't deserve anything but to die" Mom said and I hugged her crying "No one deserves to die mom" I said "I do" Mom said still crying "I'll be leaving" Mom said and I let go "If this is our last time we meet mom just remember that everyone misses you and that we would want you to stay but if you will leave then go ahead" I said wipping my tear's but there was no use as tear's kept running down my face and mom ran back to me and hugged me "I really want to stay but no one will accept me for being a killer so I need to move" Mom said "That's not true, We still accept you for even being a killer, You didn't want to but was forced to. I get that but if you really want to leave it's your own freedom" I said and cried harder and hugged mom "Shh, Shh, I'll stay a bit but if everyone still accepts me I'll stay here" Mom said and I just cried until I couldn't "I will stay here for a bit" Mom said "Thank you mom" I said "I'll also explain to your father about me being a shadow knight" Mom said and we went back.

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