On Halloween.

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Warning: this is a detailed story about me and my first love, don't judge me cause i kinda want people to know this, and don't worry, we didn't have s**. If you like reading real love stories this might be for you, but its up to you and not me to choose to read. Now enough talk.

The date was 31October. Halloween.

I had been forced by my mother to go to a gathering of sort where i was supposed to be more social with other people. Joy i thought, cause it always goes so well with me meeting new people. (You saw my sarcasm?)

A fact about me you have to know is that i have something i call social fear, Social Fear is not the same as being socially awkward, the fear is basically me that is afraid of meeting new people, either because of how they will react to what i do or that they will stab me in the back later on.

Another fact is that im an idiot in the romantic way, i have tried flirting like 3 times and everytime i managed to f*** up. im hopeless with so called ''regular females'' at my age.

This time however it was kind of different, cause for around a year ago i was at the exact same gathering, this time i actually knew some off the people there and i could hang out with them if i wanted.

So we introduced ourselfs and told each other what kind of problem we had, in my case it is Asperger's Syndrome. and this time there were more Aspies than last year, last year it was 3 of us while this time it was 6 with one female having the diagnosis. So yea that was kind of weird.

So, the three people i decided to hang out with did not have the same diagnosis as me, one of the females had ADHD, one had a weird kind of cancer in his brain that had left his right side kind of dead while not killing him, He could still feel in it though. the last female i can't remember what had but she was nice and kind to everyone.

So after getting the rules we had a break from the adults in athletics hall(its a gym of some sort) and we had some fun.

Me and the other guy had talks while also taking some time for some friendly teasing on the two females. On one time i managed to hold the female with ADHD from going away from me(she did not resist just so you know) while she was sitting on a stool with wheels.

And here is where the story gets special because normally i would back away because of fear of her reaction. This time however i had a longing to touch her, and i never touch females because of respect and a fear of retaliation.

And so i let my arm find its way to her shoulder while slowly and gently touching her on the places i came to. And the weirdest part is that she didn't do anything, she let me go freely while still talking to the other guy and girl.

And then break was over, i gently leant in and said we should go, she agreed and we left for the meeting room. We both took a seat beside each other and talked with the two others, and while talking i took my time to more gentle touching on her arm and shoulder. And she still didn't stop me, small signs that she could like me i thought.

And so we were assigned to different groups and i didn't get together with the three i wanted to, little sad rght there but i managed to get through.

After the group work we returned to the meeting room and i resumed what i started and she still didn't say anything.

Then we got assigned to another task, the males were going to the gym first while the females went out to do something, the gym task was tiring but i managed to finish first in every task they put me and my partners through. After gym the males went out and i was bored to death out there. After being done we went inside and we were told to get a pillow, a duvet cover, a mat, and a pillowcase.

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