CHAPTER 18: Games That Shouldn't Be Played

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"Crack?? Is crack what he's on??" I looked at Meer and I just know I had the illest mug on my face "I feel like he testing my character. Like does my forehead read soft ass bitch??"

"Baby girl you blacking right now. Calm the fuck down do not let him get this reaction that's what he wants. I say give him a taste of his own medicine"

"Fuck am I suppose to do that??" I rolled my eyes

"I mean Karate chop is his ex right?? Well I spot a Ex of yours across the room" he nodded his head in the direction

I turned around to see Melo dressed as the joker. My eyebrow shot up and I smirked "Okay bitch I see you tryna be messy. This why you my Bestfriend" I did my handshake with Meer "I'll be back"

I searched the party seeing that King was occupied with taking pictures with a bunch of bitches. Which was actually working out in my favor. I slowly strutted over to Melo. I could feel a hole being burned into the side of my face. Turning my head I seen Chris watching me with his jaw clenching. I sent a wink his way and finally reached Melo

I stood in front of him with my hand on my hip. He looked up and his mouth dropped open "Close that up baby" I gently grabbed his chin

"My bad but this body paint is everything" he said looking me up and down as he chewed on his bottom lip. Usually his signature lip bite would have me soaking wet but he just didn't have that affect on me anymore

I ran my finger nail down his exposed chest and he shivered under my touch. I honestly felt bad that I was using him to make Chris mad "Joker huh?? So where's daddy little monster" I whispered with my lips close to his ear as I circled his body

"I know what you doing Zen but still I don't mind. You even acknowledging me means everything to to me after what I put you through"

I froze "what do you mean??"

"I mean I know you trying to piss Chris off right now so let me help you" Without warning Melo grabbed a handful of Zendaya ass and pulled her body against his

I was about to push him off when I seen a angry Chris hop down off the couch and start making his way through the crowd. I put both my thumbs over Melo lips as Chris got closer and leaned in making it look like we were kissing. Out the corner of my eyes I seen Chris stop in his tracks but then continued walking towards us

Chris snatched me up by my arm "You're coming with me. We leaving" Chris tried to pull me through the crowd but I pulled away and smirked "we're in public. Keep your distance sir" I walked back over to Melo and ran my thumb over his cheekbone "Thank you" I whispered in his ear

"Your welcome" he whispered back. I could tell it hurt him to go along with this and I actually felt bad.

I walked over to Jameer and he was laughing "bitch he was about to snatch you up out this house. He was like not today.. the devil is a lie"

"I fucking hate you bro" I laughed

Feeling my phone vibrate I pulled it out my halter top laughing at the message. Jameer looked over my shoulder as I typed back "bitch you done did it now. He mad. You fucked up"

"Nigga this was yo idea"

"I don't recall. But look at Karrueche standing over there looking like a damn goofy thinking chris coming back"

My phone vibrated again and I pulled it out. "Oh yeah he big mad" I said showing Meer the message

 "Oh yeah he big mad" I said showing Meer the message

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