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Selected stories are now featured in our reading lists.


Welcome to Mystery's December engagement project!

Now that we're closing in to the end of the year, your task is to help us find the best mysteries and thrillers of 2018. Selected stories will be recommended to our readers and featured in a brand new reading list!

We are searching for stories that fall under any ONE of the following themes. For instance, theme #1 requires mystery stories with a crime involved. So if you've written a caper mystery or have read a good caper mystery on Wattpad, let us know in the comment section below!



Mysteries/thrillers that involve crime, such as swindles or theft, done by the main characters in full view of the reader.



Mysteries/thrillers that have a secondary genre in fanfiction, be it real-person fiction or borrowing worlds and characters from other fiction.



Mysteries/thrillers that focus on the psychological states of its characters, often with elements of drama, action and paranoia.



Mysteries/thrillers that are set in the future, another universe or even a galaxy far, far away, often with elements of technology, speculation or time-travel.



Mysteries/thrillers that go beyond our realm, often with elements of magic, mythical creatures or anything out of this world.



(Entries that do not adhere to the following guidelines will be disqualified.)

The story must be written in English and available on Wattpad. It can be ongoing or complete.

The story must be under the mystery genre. Secondary genres are acceptable.

The story can be written by you, another author or a collaborative work.

Only one entry allowed per user—i.e. you can only submit one story, and you only need to submit it once.

The deadline is 31st December 2018, 11:59 PM UTC.

Submit the story in the comment section below. Comment with the THEME NUMBER, followed by the LINK TO THE STORY (be it your story or someone else's).

(Multiple nominations for a story will not increase the likelihood of it being selected. Nor will the number of reads/votes on a story affect our team's selection.)



Selected stories will receive a promotion on Mystery to ~180'000 followers. They will also receive a winning sticker, have a feature in this anthology, and be added to our Best of Mystery/Thriller 2018 reading list.


Good luck & happy reading!

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