Halloween Special Part 2

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Hey guys sorry for the first one being so lame but I'm going to continue it and make it the actual story this time .....
I got sick

Roman Rush to the doors and try to open them
" they're locked!"

They stared at each other for a few seconds


A voice called out behind them. They both bolted upstairs. They ran into a room and lock the doors.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck f-"
Roman was cut off by Virgil


Roman stared at Virgil stunned and Afraid

" calm down. Don't Be Afraid Roman"

Virgil said in a soft voice trying to calm down roman

" shouldn't I be the one telling you to come down"

Roman said with a smirk

"Pfff hehehe!"
Virgil giggled

"Ok smartass. Where are we anyway."

They both looked around and realize they where in the gym.

Virgil felt a shiver go down his spine and his instincts told him some was behind him.

Suddenly something grabbed from behind him!

The doors flew open in whatever grab him pulled him out.

" Virgil!"
Roman yelled and tried to run after him. Put them the doors slammed in his face and locked.


Whatever grabbed him also grab Virgil's legs and ran upstairs stairs with him.
And ran into a classroom setting Virgil down on the ground. Then it revealed himself in front of him, well they.

It was two men. And modern clothing. One had brown hair and the other one had black hair the brown haired one had freckles and the black haired one had light skin.

Virgil automatically recognize them

"What the fuck you to!!"

"Hahahahzha. Well if it isn't Virgil!"
Is the black haired one said

" Hey kid. Long time no see"
The brown haired one side with a smile.

" we see you have a boyfriend now!"

" so does that mean you finally came to the terms that you're gay?!"
- Brown

" how many times do I have to explain this to you.i.know.im.GAY.
I known since I was 10!"

" why don't you say so in the first place kid!"
Brown said with a smile

"Fuck it I give up. Bye I'm leafing!"

Virgil got up and walked back to the gym unlock the door.

Him and Roman ran out



Hey guys it's been a while sorry but this is actually how I wanted the book To Go. Tomorrow you will get normal chapter so yay

But I also have a big announcement

I'm making a new book!

This one is not a fanfic its an original story

The name of the book is


I don't have that many things sorted out about it but it's a
lgbtq + story

So stay tuned and I will tell you when it's out

So if you like to check that out you will know win it's out

So if you like to check that out you will know win it's out

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I hope you guys enjoyed this Halloween special and


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