Can't Help Falling In Love- Elvis Presley

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"How could you do that!?" Lisa says as she arrives at Jisoo's house.

"Lisa, I think it's-"

"If you're gonna say it's a good idea I swear I'm gonna strangle you unnie!"

"Uh..." Jisoo looks around the living room then back at her blonde-haired friend. "It's a good idea?.."

"Ugh!" Lisa throws her hands in defeat before marching upstairs towards her unnie's bedroom. "What went through your brain that made you go through my phone and replied to Chaeyoung's invitation which! I quote- is left unread for almost three days now!"

"I was going to give you something you couldn't give yourself."

"And what is it?"

"A closure you deserve." She answers making the younger one shut her mouth. "Come on Lisa, it has been what- six, seven months already?"

"Eight months, 2 weeks." She corrects letting Jisoo let out an amused expression.

"Yeah that long and still you haven't talked!"

"When your ex broke up with you just because she couldn't put up with your shit a.k.a. the list she first loved about you, it kinda gives you the right to leave things on a blank note."

"No it doesn't. Just think about it Lisa, how are you gonna move on with this Jennie chick you've been blabbering about if you don't end things well with Chaeyoung?" She says. "And don't you think it's kind of unfair to yourself? You deserved an explanation Lis..." She softly approaches the latter who has now softened her expressions as well. "I'm just looking out for you."

"You have a weird way of showing it." She looks at her bestfriend for almost six years now before smiling. "Fine, I'll meet with her- for the last time." She emphasizes on the last phrase. "And I'm doing this for myself, just like you said."

"Of course." Jisoo smiles finally sighing relief internally at her friend's response. "Should I help you pick out an outfit?"

"No. I think I'm gonna do just fine. It's not like I'm gonna dress to impress anyways." Lisa watches as her friend gives a nod in response. "Okay, I'm gonna head out now. I still need to prepare."

Jisoo connects her eyebrows in confusion. "But it's only 4 p.m., the dinner's at seven."

"Exactly. You think my hair looks like this after I take a shower?" The long-legged girl rolls her eyes. "Good bye unnie."

"Lisa-yah fighting!" Jisoo cheers her on, still in her bedroom and hears their main door shut. "Whew, that was close."

"I saw what you did there sissy." The heart-shaped jumps at surprise.

"Yah unnie!" She says, hands in her chest. "You scared the shit out of me! And what are you talking about?"

Irene smirks as she barges inside her dongsaeng's purple-themed bedroom. "I know you like the back of my hand sissy, you just framed your bestfriend to reconcile with her ex, only because you have hots for her current fling."

Jisoo's mouth formed an 'O' with wide eyes. "I did not!"

"Ah, ah, ah- lie all you want but you can never lie to Joohyun unnie." The smile on her face just grew an inch wider when she heard her little sister groan. "You sneaky little hoe."

"Okay fine! I admit! Jennie Kim's hot and I want her- but that doesn't mean I'm selfish! I still believe that Chaeyoung and Lisa are meant to be together."

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