Chapter VI

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*People, ignore the image; Pandora's a girl of Alynne's same age, but that's the only one nearly similar that I found on the internet*


The shadow-snake jumped at me, almost at the same time than the other beast to Pandora, but I still had enough time to dodge it and nail the dagger to its back. The cry, a furious, twisted hiss, reaches my ears.

It moved its tale, trying to catch one of my hands, but I managed to keep myself at a safe distance, climbed a tree, waiting for it to give a clear spot of her nape. The beast kept looking at all directions, and when it focused on the other shadow, gave me the chance I needed.

I threw myself on top of it, keyed the dagger over and over again on its flesh, not thinking about the blue blood that was covering me, and when the shadow was about to knock me down, I made a clean cut on its back before touching the ground and leaving it stirring.

Beside me, I can hear Pandora's spells bursting into flames, many different bullets that come from her fingers, almost reaching her beast. "This is becoming easier," I think as I face again the giant snake.

However, things change again, as I see it spitting green fire for the mouth and little flames from her eyes, the one that transforms into stone anything it touches, even if it's just a little ember. In less than a minute, any living creature is turned into a conscious statue. Without thinking much, I throw myself on the ground and shout at Pandora to do the same.

Not many shadows have that ability due to their condition as low spirits, so to see one of the few exception makes me shiver; not enough to give up, but to make space in my mind for fear to enter.

Even though Pandora could stand a fight against those creatures, her powers were less effective in Dreamare for not having a physical connection. We needed to find a way out, one that would end with them dead or give us enough time to flee and live to tell it.

Another sound, this time of a crash and  trees breaking, comes to my ears. I turn around and see my friend with her hand in the air, casting thunders to both deformed shadow, which are now shaking completely, convulsing by the electric shocks.

Because of the wounds, the snake falls first. Her large, thin head with no eyes cracked when it touched the floor, the blue fangs in the middle started to turn into dust and the white tongue broke as if it were marble.

As soon as that started happening, the ground around the creature turned gray and the grass started dying while the rotting body was swallowed by the ground itself, part my part, as it broke down, painting the whole zone with blue.

Despite Pandora thought otherwise, I found that part especially satisfying. It reminded me about how beautiful duality was in that world, how things could turn out, and also prevented me from ending like that. Every single creature that was eaten by Dreamare itself would reborn, but as a tree, a rock, an animal, but never as the same it was, and certainly not a human at all.

After a quick, simple spell that sent grey feather to the second beast, paralyzing it, Pandora took a bottle from her breasts and went near to it after taking my dagger. I knew she wouldn't miss the chance to take their blood again, which was  a powerful catalyst in spells and gave the beasts' speed and strength to the one that drinks it.

I sat on the ground, recovering my breath as I see purple flames devouring the shadow and while Pandora recollects enough blood to fill the bottle. The smell is disgusting, but to know we won another fight makes it worth it.

Closing my eyes once again, focusing on my breathing and not thinking on anything else, I start searching for someone or something. If there was another shadow around, I wouldn't sense it anyway, just as with those we just finished, but at least it would help me to know there was nothing else in the surroundings.

This time, there was something else, a tiny, little creature hiding from us, but I also senses its fear. There was no aggression, rage or fury, not even the intention of getting into a fight. It needed help, or a little friendly hand.

When I opened my eyes, I knew where the creature was, and had an idea of its nature. I wasn't sure if it would be able to hear me if I spoke, which made me decide not to say a thing, and to take advantage that the blood of the beasts, ten times thicker than the human, would take a long time to fill Pandora's bottle.

It was on the left side of the place, hiding behind three trees with no leaves, near to the entrance of the shadowy zone of the forest. I took my dagger form the ground where I dropped it unconsciously, just in case I believed what I wanted to, and walked to it.

The wind was colder than before when I entered the border, near to a zone we all considered forbidden I took a quick look behind me, just to make sure Pandora wasn't watching, as she was still focused on the blood, saying some incantations so it would be completely pure, and so I saw the little creature.

A bunny-like child, with an androgynous face, white hair, long ears and dark skin, only dressed with what I thought was a potato's sack, was looking at me, sitting on the ground and hugging his legs with his hands, as if I were something even worse than any of those creatures we just killed, and I could but take the blame.

A bunny-like child, with an androgynous face, white hair, long ears and dark skin, only dressed with what I thought was a potato's sack, was looking at me, sitting on the ground and hugging his legs with his hands, as if I were something even wors...

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