Chapter 1. Small Beginnings

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A raging fire blazes, there stands a young girl about 6 years old, watching the firing inferno, tears run down her face, her multicolored eyes drowning in her tears as the fire rages on. Hours later the blaze has been reduced to a large smoldering pile of ash and rubble, there were no other survivors. The young girl sits there, curled up into a ball, tears streaming down her face, her parents, her family, her everything, are dead.

13 years later...

Kriss walks down the alleyway when three large men stop her in her tracks, "Giv us yer values, girly!" one of the men demand, Kriss sighs, this man was clearly not from around here, he doesn't know not to pick on the 'freak'. Countless times at the orphanage Kriss would be bullied because of her two separate eye colors, it'd always end with the bully receiving a broken limb of some sort. Kriss smiles, "you want all my valuables?" she asks holding her hands up, "you'll get my valuables!" out of seemingly nowhere a knife strikes the man's hip, "Ahhh, FUCKIN BITCH!" he screams out of anger, he motions for his men to attack, Kriss smirks, "you want another one?" she grabs several knives out of her ragged poncho, "cause I've got plenty to go around!"

A mysterious stranger, watches from the darkness, he smirks, this is all going to plan. He watches Kriss stab, cut, slash and kick her way to victory. Once unconscious Kriss searches their pockets for anything valuable, she finds several large sacks of gold, "odd?" she thinks to herself, "if they're this loaded, then why did they attempt to mug me?" Kriss now aware that she's being watched, makes her way home. Kriss sneaks into an old run down orphanage, she throws her loot onto a bed and lays down, wondering who may have been watching her, this area of the world was ripe with superstitions and rumors, she hears someone enter the old building, quickly and quietly she hides in the semi-darkest corner side of the room.

The man enters the old building, looking around, inspecting the place, he walks over to a desk, coated in dust and untouched in years, he wipes of some dust and picks up a form, he grabs a nearby pen and tests it by scribbling on the old paper, satisfied he shoves the paper into his pocket and continues. The man makes it to a dimly lit room, he looks around, there was less dust in here than previous rooms, he spots the bags of gold that the men were carrying, the girl must be here. He nods to himself, she must be hiding in the shadows, he walks over to the darkest part of the room, looking for her.

Kriss stays completely still, logically it'd make more sense to be in the darkest area but logically that's be where he'd check the hardest, expecting to find someone there. Kriss was in a fairly more lit up part of the room, her hooded poncho blending in with the walls, if she stay unmoving, he wouldn't spot her, hell he had already overlooked her position twice.

Giving up the man drops his head in defeat, "Fine!" he calls out to the darkness, he lifts up hood, revealing himself as an older man, his goatee silver with age, "you win, come out now, I'll tell you why I'm here!"

Kriss gets up from her position, "You hired them, didn't you?" she asks him, the man, stunned, turns to face her, "my goodness, how'd I not see you there?" he then nods to answer her question, "yes, I did indeed, I heard some rumors and just had to see if they were true." Kriss leans onto the wall, " well there you go, rumors are true, now beat it!" the man smiles in response, "is that the way to talk to your father?" he retrieves the paper from his pocket and smiles, "congratulations, you've been adopted!"

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