10-His Maid

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I was wearing a red fitted crop top with black high waisted shorts and my black converses, my hair tied in a ponytail.

With just my phone in my pocket, as i knocked on the door of the big mansion .

I was taking a maid's job as a summer thing.

The door opened to reveal a tanned man with a light stubble a snap back on his head and Nike shorts and shirt.

Then as i looked closely at him I realised that he was the brasillian football player Neymar Jr.

He smiled and opened the door wider for me.

"how can i help you ?" his voice was so sexy.

"I'm (y/n) the new maid" i said smiling.

His eyes widened

"really?! you seem to be a little young for a maid" he exclaimed shocked looking me up and down.

I felt a bit uncomfortable at his staring.

"well this is just a summer job. Uhm are you going to tell me what I am supposed to do?" i managed to stutter out.

"oh yeah of course come in " he moved out of the way.

i felt him stare at my lower behind closing the door.

i smirked walking in the house.


Skip a couple of weeks later


After my first day Neymar said that he wanted me to move to his mansion since it was empty and it would be easier for me.

But i knew better that this wasn't the reason.

I would catch him staring at me during my work.

And being my flirty self i would try to seduce him without him feeling that I was doing it on purpose.

example : like if he's watching tv i would dust the coffee table bending a little bit.

I know what you are going to say. *slut*

But no it's just that i haven't been in a relationship since high school i know that long.

Let's go back to the present.

i was cleaning the kitchen table when i felt a presence in the kitchen behind me

Neymar of course.

I did the usual bending to get the towel from the floor.

I heard a deep growl from behind.

Well that was new.

And when i stood back rushed arms wrapped around me from behind.

"Why do you keep doing this to me?" he growled in my ear.

"doing what?" i asked innocently.

"that thing with your butt" he growned

"you mean this" i said rubbing my behind on his front.

He moaned

"ugh gosh if you keep doing this i'm going to have to take you here and now"

he gripped my waist tighter.

I turned around in his arms and looked into his eyes leaning closer to his lips close to his ear.

"well then take me" i wispered seductively.

he growned louder then swiftly picked me up bridal style and took me to his room.


Skip you know what.


I layed my head against Neymar's chest.

As he had a cover drapped on both of us.

I looked at him to see him already looking at me.

"so this is one time thing right?" i asked him.

he blinked frowning.

"what?" he asked sitting up. I covered my chest.

"i said that this is just a one time, like one night stand"

"what, of course not (y/n) !"

He pulled into him making me straddle him while he was sitting.

"what do you mean Neymar i'm just the maid and you haven't dated for a few months now. you were frustrated" i tried to get away from him.

"no it's not true you have been living with me for a while now and i have grown really found of you, (y/n) , i really like you and i hope that you feel the same." he said looking in my eyes.

I was speachless .

"uhm Neymar i -I " he looked away

"i understand you don't feel the same-"

I cut him off by pulling him to me and kissing him hard on the lips.

"i really like you too Neymar."

He grinned at me pecking my lips again. Before laying the both of us on the bed and covering us.


There was some very awkward parts to write in this Imagine but i hope you liked it.

Neymar has the number 4 tattooed on his neck now.

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