Chapter 4

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Over the next few days we had taken out every walker that was in the hotel and had scavenged every room. We eventaully settled down in a conjoining bedroom on the 2nd floor. There was more than enough juice for the generators to last us awhile. Even with the dead walking on the earth, being at a hotel could be so amazing. My family rarely ever got to go on vacations because my dad was in the army.

My dad, man he was amazing. He inspired me. I got my mom's looks but my dad's attitude and toughness. When I was younger he would tell me the stories of being in the war. He told me how everyday you would think to yourself, "If I die today, it'll be worth it because I'm fighting for my home. My Country." I always told him I was gonna join the army when I was old enough.

"Ash, look what I found." He said, walking into my side of the room. In his arms he held a small stereo, with a few different CDs stacked on top of it. I smiled at him, "Plug it in. What kinda music you got?" I ask.

"Mostly The Cab. Do you know who they are, because I don't." He said. My jaw dropped to the floor. The Cab was my favorite band when I was a teenager. "How could you not know who they are?! They are amazing! My favorite one is Angel With A Shotgun." I smiled.

He shrugged his shoulders and plugged in the stereo, then sliding the CD in. I flopped back on the bed and happily sighed, listening to the music. Glenn laughed at me and flopped on the bed right next to me. He smiled at me and said, "You know, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. Your tough, funny, and beautiful."

I felt my face go red, although you probably couldn't see it because of all the dirt and blood caked on my face. I smiled at him and took his hand in mine. "I like you too Glenn."

Daryl's POV

"Gimme yer hand Bradley." I said, starting to get aggrovated with the little two year old.

"No!" He giggled. I narrowed my eyes, took a deep breath, and picked him up, throwing him on my shoulder. He laughed some more, "This is fun Daryl!" I rolled my eyes.

Of all people to end up with, I end up with an annoyingly hyper, 5 year old that reminds me of my childhood friend's older brother. "Daryl?" He whispered, fright in his voice.

"Yeah kid?"

"T-The monsters are behind us." He stuttered. My eyes widened and quickly turned around to see how many. It was like the farm, all over again.

I put Bradley up on the closest tree, than grabbed my crossbow and loading a bolt in it. I continued loading bolts in my crossbow, although I knew in my head it wasn't going to be enough. I heard an ea piercing scream and immediatley knew it was Bradley. I looked up at him, a walker inches from his leg. I ran towards the walker and smashed my knife right through its mushy and decomposed skull.

"Daryl!" He screamed, pointing behind me. I turned around only to have my body be thrown to the tree by yet another walker. Or that's what I thought. Before I could plunge my knife into the skull, an arm stopped me. The blue eyes looked all to familiar.

There was no way in hell the woman standing in front of me, dirt covering her face and sweat on her forehead was, Ashylnn Rose Ford. The only friend I ever had as a child was back, the tom-boy I loved was back. 


Sorry for the short chapter. Its kinda just a filler. Anyway, I hope you guys liked this chapter. I updated early cause, I'm bored and have nothing else to do. The song in this chapter was recommened to me by: @Kennedy176, and i frigin love it now!!!!!!!!! LOL. 5 comments for the next chapter.

I'm gonna start doing QOTD's, so tonight's QOTD is, What do you think Ashlynn and Daryl's reaction will be to seeing each other after such a long time apart?

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