"I kinda ship you two" Hailey stated, and this time, I actually threw my fork at her, which caused her to laugh.


I got in Tanner's Mercedes, I don't like expensive cars, I love my Nissan to death. "Let's go" I said, he started the car, and we were on our way.

"So, how long have you played football for?" He asked, oh wow, the Tanner is breaking the ice.

"Since I was 6" I stated, "you?" I asked

"Since I was born, my Dad was a coach" He stated

"Mine too" I said, "He trained my older brother, he's in Los Angeles Rams now, he's the main wide receiver. Jack Adams." I stated

He smirked and the rest of the drive was silent, not the bad kind of silent. After a few short minutes we reached his house.

I carefully got out after getting my crutch from the backseat. "Cool house" I said, he smiled gratefully, and opened the door.

"Tanner!" A man who looked like he's in his forties came down, I'll bet that's his Dad. "Seriously? A failed class!? First you get replaced by a girl, now you fail a class?! And then your tutor is the girl?" He said angrily.

Tanner stood silent, "um, hello sir.." I said awkwardly, the man scowled at me and walked back upstairs. "Well sorry then" I said, after rolling my eyes.

"Can you...pretend that never happened?" Tanner asked, I nodded, and he lead me upstairs to his room, it was filled with Football posters, and it had a nice dark green wallpaper, his room was kind of a mess, but that's okay, mine is definitely worse.

"So, Let's start with chapter three? That's the one with the first test you...didn't succeed in" I said awkwardly, he nodded.

"Okay, chapter three is all about forces..." I started.

About an hour and a half later we were done with two chapters, and he got out some unanswered question sheets and filled them in, "All of them are correct" I said, with a smile, he smiled back proudly.

Honestly, being nice with Tanner is kinda weird, I'm used to us being up each other's ass almost all the time.

"Okay, so we have a bit more time if you need anything before I leave" I said, Tanner's room door suddenly burst open, and in walked Chad Michaels, #1 Benchwarmer for the LA Rams team.

"Are you really the girl who replaced Tanny?" He asked, I rolled my eyes, but nodded. His brother burst out laughing, "My brother always wishes to be as great as me, then he's replaced by a girl who sprained her ankle from a tackle!"

"Says The benchwarmer.." I said, his brother's features dropped, and he frowned at me.

"At least I'm on the team, Tanner has someone to look up to, unlike you" He spat.

"Ever heard of Jack Adams, yeah that's her brother" Tanner said, I smirked, Chad looked like he wanted to set me on fire.

"And at least Tanner plays on the team, and I bet he was a great QB too" I said, I should really tone down on the compliments before it gets to Tanner's head.

Chad just rolled his eyes and walked out. "Adams I—" He started

"It's okay nothing happened, haha look at the time I have to go now! See you tomorrow!" I said, grabbed my crutch and my bag, and walked out.

I swear I heard Tanner chuckle. "Bye Chad!" I mocked, before walking out the door, Zack was waiting for me outside Tanner's house for our little movie date, I got in his car.

"Hello there" Zack said, with a smile, I smiled back.

"Hey Zack, so, what movie are we seeing?" I asked, it was around 6PM now. "Let's watch something horror, I'm a sucker for those"

"Ehhhh I dunno" he said, Oh My God. Zack was scared of Horror movies!

"Zack Bartoli are you scared of Horror movies?" I asked, his face went a shade of pink.

"No I'm not!" He said to hide his embarrassment.

I chuckled, "You can hold on to me if you're scared, no screaming though!" I said.

"Sounds like a plan" He said, and we were off to the movie theater.

We reached the theater soon enough, and I decided we were watching the Nun. I really wanted to see it. "I'm paying for the popcorn!" Zack said, because I didn't let him buy my ticket.

"Okay deal" I said, with a smile, he smiled back, I couldn't help but get butterflies in my stomach from his smile and his manners.

We got seated in the way back, I put my crutch by the wall, and took a seat next to Zack.

About 50 minutes in the movie and nothing was really scary. A few more minutes a jump-scare came, Zack flinched and grabbed my hand, damn he's a softie.

"Sorry" he whispered, and I chucked lightly, he didn't let go of my hand, not that I was complaining.

Soon enough, the movie ended, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. "That was scary as hell man!" Zack said, I laughed.

"That was nothing" I said, he rolled his eyes and we walked back to his car. "We have to do this again!" I said, he nodded with a smile.

We sat in silence all through the drive, only the radio breaking the silence.

We soon reached my house, "Thanks Zack, that was so fun" I said, with a huge grin.

"My pleasure, Daisy" he said, I kept staring at him for a bit, We both leaned in at the same time, My lips ever so slightly touched his

"Stop right there!"


Hahahahahah I'm evil I know! So, who do you think that is? And why did they stop them?


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