Never Have I Ever

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Blair was forcibly dragged back to reality with a gentle elbow in the side. She shook her head and took her eyes from the window of the West Tower Common Room to the circle of year 3 girls in front of her, all holding up hands with varying amounts of fingers held up.

This was definitley not her plan of choice for the evening. Her original plan was to run down to the forest again and find Leto, if she went wild. But, here she was, at 9pm on the Tuesday night, being roped into a game with the girls from West Tower.

"Blair, it's your turn!" hissed Ava impatiently.

"Oh, erm- never have I ever.... liked my friend's boyfriend." she rolled her eyes as several girls put fingers down, leaving many others with just one or two. Blair turned to Ava next to her and huffed quietly: "I hate this game, I've not done any of these things."

"Oh it's fine, Toni's still got four too." Aha encouraged her, nodding towards Toni's hand. Both girls felt obliged to put a finger down at the question "Never have I ever kept a secret from my best friend." No surprise there.

The game carried on going, and by the time they had gone round the circle again, it was just Blair and Toni left. A lot of the other girls had left, leaving the two sitting opposite each other and Ava on a beanbag not far away.

The huge window to the West Tower Common Room was now a dark shade of blue, stars scattered across the inky picture giving a bit of extra light alongside the waning moon that was due to be full tomorrow evening.

Toni stared at Blair, eyes unmoving and dark, mysterious. The red haired girl scared back in a standoff, a challenge, because looking away meant submission.

"Never have I Ever..." Blair started, holding up her hand with now three fingers up, and Toni's with two. "Lied to a friend."

Toni scalled before putting her finger down, then raised an eyebrow and muttered pointedly, "Ellie." making Blair roll her eyes and put a finger down too.

2-1 Blair.

"Never Have I Ever.." Toni started as she ran a hand through her hair, thinking. "Ran away," She said with a smirk as Blair reluctantly put her penultimate finger.

1-1 Toni.

This was so much more than an innocent teenage girl's game. It was a challenge. And although it would be a small victory, it represented superiority, leadership. Being the alpha. And neither girl would let that go in a hurry.

"My go." Blair started, sitting forwards and crossing her legs on the carpet only to be interrupted by Ava.

"Now, that's not fair." Both girls snapped their heads round to look at her, faces scrunched up in confusion. "I think I should choose this one, otherwise Blair would just win. And where's the fun in that?"

Blair rolled her eyes for the twentieth time this evening, and Toni smirked with similar figures.

"Never have you ever," Ava paused, glancing at the anticipating faces of the two alpha females, eyes lit up and wide like a deer.

"Kissed a girl."


Blair scoffed, feeling her cheeks go red and was shocked when she saw Toni look down and blush all over.

"Ava." Toni hissed accusingly. She tucked a stray coil of her dark hair behind her ear bashfully, earning her a grin from her eager looking friend on the beanbag who then turned her attention to Blair.

"You," she started, pointing a playful finger at the girl who now looked like a rabbit in the headlights, "can keep your mysterious past, your ridiculously bright red hair and your stupid freckles, but there's no denying it. You give me serious lesbian vibes, Blair Underwood. And if it's not that, then there's something else secretive going on." She grinned when she saw Blair's face.

The girl scoffed when she got called out on her looks, and defensively wound a strand of her hair around her finger. "For starters, there's nothing mysterious about my past. I think my hair's cool, and I can't exactly get rid of my freckles. But you're half right. Yes, you got me. I'm bi, but other than that, there's nothing secretive going on." She ended with a smile.

"And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to..." Toni started sarcastically.

"You, apparently. Who would have thought the badass, tall, dark and handsome type likes girls? You hid that well. Who knows what else." Blair quipped back, smiling still.

"Shut it, red." Toni said, but there was no venom in her words, just a certain warmth that Blair hadn't uncovered until now and couldn't exactly place, but it made her smile more.

"So." Ava concluded, slapping her hands down on her legs. "How about I grab us a few ciders from 34b and we drink them here then call it a night?"

Blair stole a quick sideways glance at Toni before nodding. "Sounds good."

Good enough to abandon all previous plans.

Leto could wait. But for now, she wanted a private word with her newfound fellow girl-lover.

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