Emile's Pov (chuggaaconroys name)

"Hey everybody its Chuggaaconroy and im doing this Vlog to let you guys know that im going to be adopting someone from HareViews Adoption center so if im not updating that means im getting to know my Daughter and seeing what she likes to do. See you guys then!" i said as i ended the recording and started editing it.

Yes you heard right im going to be adopting im hoping i can find someone who likes video games and the RunawayGuys. As i finish uploading the video to facebook youtube and twitter i started picking out stuff for there new room. i got a steve ( A red leaf pikmin) pillow and i would figure out the rest of it later.

I got my car keys and started heading to the adoption center where i hope to find the perfect child...

Lindsey Pov


As i finished watching Chuggaa's recent video i got excited. i got out most of my stuff i got from stores. My Runaway guys beanie. my Steve shirt that said 'i am pikmin here me MOOOOO!!, and my red converse.

"Girl's come down stairs we have someone here to adopted one of you.'' i heard the caretaker say over the intercome. i have a feeing i know who it is and i can't wait!

Hey guys im sorry i havent been updating the one ive been trying to figure out what to do and i also have massive writer blocks curse my brain!!! anyways i hope you enjoyed this first chapter of this new book and i'll see you guys later take car!

-ShyFlower \(^.^)/

word count-277 thats sad

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