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You: I'm nervous

Ki: It's 7am there's
nothing to be
nervous about
go back to SLEEP

You: Sorry

Ki: Urgh way to
make me feel

Ki: Why are you

You: I think I
should tell him

Ki: Yes you

Ki: I'm proud
of you

Ki: You can do

You: I'm going
to message him

Ki: I'll be here
if you need me


You: Jungkook?

You: Are you

Jk: Am now

You: Sorry

Jk: Gimme a min

You: ok

You: Actually while
you're gone is the
best time

You: I need to
talk to you
and tell you why
I turned you down

You: Even though
I like you

Jk: I'm back

Jk: Sorry for last

Jk: I was pushy

Jk: If you don't
mind, I'm not
sure if I want you
to tell me the reasons
you don't want me..

You: I do want
you isn't tha

Jk: Well no not

You: I have pictures
of you on my phone

Jk: A lot of fans

You: ok fine

You: But we need to

You: I need to tell
you something

You: And after.. if
you don't hate me

You: We can meet
face to face?

Jk: ... Why would
I hate you?

You: ok um

You: This is hard

You: I only ever told

You: .. and the police
and stuff

Jk: Um

Jk: ... Do I want to

Jk: You didn't like

Jk: .. Kill someone?

You: No

You: But

You: I almost died

Jk: .. ok..

You: I'll make it

You: Last year I
broke up with my

You: We had been
together for two years

Jk: .. ok...

You: He wasn't... nice

You: He used to hurt
me in.. different
ways and yell at me
and control me
... and stuff

Jk: what??

Jk: Y/N you.. were

You: We broke up
because Ki found
out and wanted
to stop it but if he
got involved his
career could be

You: ... He attacked
me one day and...
hurt me and tried
to kill me

You: A man passing
by saved me

You: He's locked
up now

You: So

You: yeah

Jk: Y/N I'm

Jk: So sorry that
happened to you

Jk: I could never
hate you for
something like

Jk: Ever

You: Im broken

You: I don't have
the confidence
to be in a relationship

You: I'm not ready
for sex or anything

You: I'm not good

Jk: Don't

Jk: say things like

Jk: And sex isn't
necessary right
away anyway

Jk: We can take
it slow

Jk: I still like you

Jk: Maybe we could
give it a try?

You: ... Can I
get back to you

You: later

You: today

Jk: ok..

Jk: take your time


AN: This will be finished very very soon..

I already started the next one, which is...



Lol I'm not telling you hahaha


Haha joke just this once I'll tell you

Haha joke just this once I'll tell you

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