Chapter 1 - The house fire

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Hey guys! This is my first Ereri fan fiction, and yes it is boy x boy if you don't like it then move on. Also a HUGE shout out to Kattalee who designed the cover for this book! Thanks Kattalee! Enjoy!


"Mum! Mum! Where are you?!" Eren screamed through the thick grey smoke, desperately trying to find his mother. Blazing red flames blocked his path as they danced around the house, burning everything in it's path. He was burnt black and boiling alive but he wasn't giving up yet. "Mum!" He shouted waiting for a reply. Nothing. Tears welled up in his amber eyes, but he wiped them away angrily with his burnt sleeve.

Suddenly he heard crashing and shouting from outside the house and the fire fighters tried to get into the burning building. 'No, I'm not letting them drag me out of this house without my mother.' He told himself, anger burning up in his chest. There were giant flames blocking every door, as If they were laughing in his face of his failure. Eden dropped to his knees and started digging around in the rubble throwing it behind him, and cutting his hands badly on the glass and wood. Then it hit him. Upstairs... it was the only place he hadn't looked. Coughing and spluttering he stood up, his knees shaking about to give way. One stumbling foot after another he made his way to the burning staircase.

"Mum?" He rasped, reaching the bottom of the stairs which were smothered in flames. He had to save her. Mustering up all the courage he had left he threw himself into the flames which licked at his body and face ferociously. His skin was melting and blistering at the second, his brain and muscles screamed at him to stop; but he kept on dragging his heavy body up the stairs. Eren was determined to reach his mother. The right side of Eren's face was almost completely melted, and the pain of the flames was excruciating. By the time he reached the top of the stairs, he was about ready to give up and let them take him away, but he had to save his mother. His legs had given up but he hadn't. So he dragged himself across the sharp rubble and the burning flames towards the master bedroom, using only his hands.

Eren felt like his lungs would explode from the lack of oxygen, his body screamed with pain, and his right eye was glued shut. Then, he saw her. His mother was lying unconscious underneath a giant wooden beam that held the roof up. "Mum?" He whispered, his throat was so sore he could hardly even speak. Tears fell from his eyes running down his face, burning his already blistering skin. He dragged himself towards his mother and started shaking her. "Mum! Mum! Please wake up! Mum!!" His mother didn't show any response that she was going to wake up anytime soon. Eren dragged himself to the wooden beam and started pushing it as hard as he could, but it didn't even move an inch. All the strength in his body was gone. 'No....' "Mum..." He grasped. Eren reached out to his mother and grasped her badly burnt hand.

A steady flow of tears streamed down his face, as his mind started to go fuzzy. Memories of his mother smiling and laughing the previous day swirled in front of his glassy eyes, as he realised this would be their last moment together. Eren squeezed his mother's hand tightly and buried his burnt face in her jet black hair, as the world around him started to spin and his eyes drifted closed, letting only a single tear fall from his face and onto the floor before every thing went black.

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