Poly!Heathers + Veronica (Werewolf!Soulmate AU)

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Marshy: So, this is Poly!Heathers + Veronica, but it's a little different - They're all werewolves, and it's a soulmate AU.


The Heathers knew how to hunt. Well, everyone at Westerburg's Highschool for Werewolves did, but they were the Queens of it. They were all eachother's soulmates, forming a pack. But, all three of them knew they were missing someone. That's why, everyday they'd stalk down the halls, trying to scent their new mate, and anyone who wasn't them wouldn't be the same if they caught them.

Everyone knew to part ways and leave them alone, let them do as pleased.


“Soulmates are weird, huh?” Asked Veronica Sawyer to her best friend, Martha Dunnstock. The blue girl knew that Martha had a soulmate, but couldn't figure out for the whole world why it was J.D. Still, she was happy for her, since her friend was hardly getting bullied now.

“Ron, you're only saying that because you don't have a soulmate yet!” Martha exclaimed, her pink ears and tail perking up as she gave a dopey grin. J.D was stood next to her, slurping a slushie he'd picked up previously that morning.

“And we're sure you will.” J.D interjected, slipping an arm around the unicorn-loving girl, who grinned wider.

“Hm, maybe..” Veronica mumbled, scribbling in her diary.

“Everyone!” Stephanie, also known as Punk Girl, yelled, “The Heathers are on the hunt, run!” She exclaimed, before dashing off. Martha and J.D ran off, hand-in-hand. Veronica wasn't too far behind them. She couldn't keep running, however, and hid herself behind a bunch of lockers, watching three tails; an ivy green one, stiff and ready, a scarlet red one, stuck up and searching, and a yellow one, bouncing around happily. Yeah, those were the Heathers all right.

“What colour was her tail?” Chandler demanded, as the three inched closer, “She had our mate's scent! She must be ours!”

“I don't know,” Duke replied, leaning against the locker Veronica was hiding behind, “Mac, any ideas?”

The yellow tailed girl snapped her finger with a giggle, “It was a royal blue! It was so beautiful!” She exclaimed. Veronica looked at her tail. It was the exact colour Mac described. She gasped quietly.

Unfortunately, Duke had heard it, “Did you hear that?” The green girl asked, raising a brow, inspecting the locker, before being pulled back by Chandler.

“No, but we'll catch our blue eared girlfriend. Right, babes?” She smiled, and Duke and Mac nodded with an synced ‘Mhm!’ before they disappeared, as the students returned to the halls. Veronica took a moment to breathe, and walked back over to Martha and J.D.

“That was…intense..” Martha panted, her tail swaying slower from the fatigue caused by the sudden run. J.D nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, and they almost found me.” Veronica sighed, as her pink eared best friend hugged her tightly.

“Well, thank Satan they didn't.” J.D stated, sipping on the straw of his unhealthy obsession. Martha nodded with a smile, letting go of the blue girl. Because of her anxiety, Veronica had hidden her ears and tail with magic.

“Ronnie? Why are you hiding your ears and tail?” Martha asked.

“Oh- uh, I'm just practicing for when we go to no-werewolf areas, eheh.”

“Oh, okay!”

After saying goodbyes, Martha and J.D headed off to their first classes. Veronica could only hope that she could hide her ears and tail until the whole hunt thing blows over.


This was torture. Veronica found it hard to suppress her canine features, but she was managing. She was relying on it now more than ever. Why? Well, all three Heathers were in her Maths class. Luckily, they sat in the front, where the brunette sat at the back, so they didn't see her ears and tail that appeared every so often, before she quickly hid them again.

“Alright, class,” The teacher, Ms. Noore spoke, her pastel red ears and tail calmly swaying as she looked around, “Who wants to come up to the front and answer this question?” She scanned the room. No one, not even Veronica, put their hand up. Usually, the brunette would, but with the Heathers looking for someone with blue ears and tail, - her colours - she couldn't risk it. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side today, “Veronica, what about you?” Noore asked, and Veronica slowly shuffled up to the board, keeping eye contact off of the three Heathers. She quickly finished it, and shuffled back to her seat, as the teacher smiled, “Correct, yet again!”


The rest of class went smoothly.

Sadly she had one more lesson with the Heathers. P.E.

It was one of her greatest classes, but she didn't want to do this today. Nor Martha nor J.D were in this class, so she was alone. And they were still hunting for her tail.

“Alright, pups!” Coach Burke addressed, as they were all stood on the tennis courts, “Let's go over the rules of tennis again, shall we?” He continued, starting to list the rules. Chandler and Duke looked extremely bored, and Mac was often saying the rules for Burke. Veronica shuffled quietly.

“Yes, thank you, Heather.. Anyway! We are doing two vs two matches all lesson! I shall be partnering you up!” He sent random kids to different groups, “Heather Chandler and Heather Duke, you'll be playing against Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer!”

Shit..’ Veronica thought as the Heathers were already on the court. She shuffled over, and they began to play.


The whole time, the blue werewolf was being insulted left, right and center. She was close to losing her temper, and her ears and tail were close to popping out. She hit the ball harder each time.

“Christ, don't be so mad, loser.” Duke scoffed, obviously annoyed as she dashed off to retrieve the ball.

“Sorry.” Veronica growled through gritted teeth. Chandler eyed her suspiciously.

“Why aren't you showing your ears and tail?” The red girl asked.

“Uh- I'm self-conscious.”

“No, she's not,” Duke came back, readying the ball to hit directly at the other brunette, “She's ashamed of her ugly self. Honestly, I don't blame her.”

“I'm not ashamed!”

“Then show us!”

Veronica sighed, it was now or never, besides, they'd probably reject her as their soulmate. So, she showed her canine features, “Here.”

Mac squealed, tackling over Veronica as Duke and Chandler towered over her, and the four girls grinned.

“Guess we have our pack now.”

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