01 - The Escape

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The present

The alarm cut through her ears. Phobos cringed, she couldn't remember she'd heard such a shrill noise before. Not that that meant anything. There were many thing she didn't remember. Her age, her youth, how life was outside this facility. But there was life, of that she was sure. That was the reason why they were training, day after day. She carried out assignments to train her mental gifts, made sure her stamina and concentration were excellent and increased her knowledge about the martial arts that were educated here. They turned her into a super soldier, she believed. But how she'd ended up here and who she'd been before, she did not know. None of them did. 

Phobos looked once more through the room, more mechanic than that she was really afraid to forget something. She had no possessions. When she heard footsteps in the hallway, she turned around and left the room that had felt both as a prison and a safe haven. 

"You're ready?" Erebus asked. His glance – which was only warm when he looked at her – wandered across her face. 

She nodded, a bit nervous. 

They were really doing this. There was no way back. 

Last time things had gone terribly wrong and if they failed this time, there was a fat chance she would lose her memories again. Or worse. But she trusted Erebus, just like her two other friends. 

But you trusted Morpheus too, a vicious voice whispered to her. She pushed away the thought. This wasn't the moment to doubt her partners. She needed her concentration. She nodded to Erebus while rushing through the long corridor. Psamathe walked ahead of them. She stood still in front of Athena's cell, aiming her hand at the door. Sand streamed out of her fingers, right into the keyhole, forming a key. With a click the door opened. 

Athena was ready to leave. The black-haired girl smiled rarely, but she made an exception for this night. The four of them ran ahead, to where the entrance of the complex had to be, according to Erebus' information. After a dozen steps the first guards showed up. Tornado's of sand shot from Psamathe's hands, blinding the men and women. Of course they were equipped with all kinds of high-tech gadgets, but Psamathe kept them at least busy for a while, giving Athena the chance to stroke her tattoos. The snake and panther that had been depicted on her shoulder came to life. Roaring and hissing they went for their attackers. 

Phobos ran past them, with Erebus on her tail. Just as Athena and Psamathe were a unity during their fight, so were Phobos and Erebus. Phobos laid her hand on the shoulder of one of the guards, stared into his light irises and closed her eyes. Power streamed into her body immediately. An image revealed itself; burning flames all around them, a ceiling that roared and cracked and thick smoke that crept into her lungs and threatened to suffocate her. 

Phobos let go of the image. It only disappeared before her eyes; her screaming opponent was still stuck in the illusion of a burning house, his biggest fear. Phobos let go of his shoulder. The shadow of her partner flashed around her, almost invisible, while choking everyone who came too close to her with a well-placed blow in the throat. He made sure her concentration wasn't broken.

The four of them fought their way to the exit. 

Phobos could almost smell her freedom. 

And then they passed the last cell. There he stood, right in front of the glass door, taking in the spectacle with a cool glance. Phobos felt her blood boil when he caught her glance. She suppressed the urge to give him the middle finger and kept walking. 

"Phobos..." Psamathe called her name hesitated. 

"No," Phobos snapped. 

"But we need him..."

"No!" she repeated, snarling. "We'll be fine without him."

She felt his eyes burning in her back. Oh, how many times she'd looked into those eyes. First with longing, later with disgust. Full of love and full of hate. 

"Norah..." his melodic voice sounded. "I can return your memories."

Phobos froze at the sound of that name. 

Is that who I really am? She shook her head. She wasn't that stupid; she wouldn't fall for such an obvious act. He was messing with her head, like he'd always done. 

With a grimace she moved on, preparing herself for the next group of guards. "He stays here!" she yelled over her shoulder. "Let him rot away."

"And the others?" Psamathe asked. "I can free them now?"

Phobos exchanged a look with Erebus and nodded. For the last time her attention slid to Morpheus. From the bottom of her heart she wished to see his pretty but treacherous face never again. Then her fingers laced with Erebus' and he pulled her into the shadows of the men that ran towards them. Both of them blended into the darkness, no longer physical present in the building. 

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