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“The worst thing about betrayal is to know that it doesn't come from your enemies, it comes from someone you trusted the most..."

“When you realize you've been deeply betrayed, fear really hits you first. That's what you feel first. And then it's anger, frustration. Then disappointment and disillusionment."
- Jose N Harris

“I thought I knew the world. I thought I knew myself. I thought I  knew my dearest friend. But I knew nothing at all."
- Estrella DeMadrigal
Spain 1500


“....take another wife for my sake. Who knows, the gods might bless me through her and her child. Ori ọmọ ni pe ọmọ waye."

Akanni was shocked to his marrows when his wife, Adunni and not even his own mother or troublesome sister brought up the issue of a second wife. He stared down at her not sure of what his next action or words would be.

She just told him to get married. Another wife.

He knew she was only talking out of desperation. Akanni knew what having a second wife meant. Akanni already had his fair share of a polygamous home while growing up and wasn't willing to have one himself.

Ile olorogun, ile ogun ni. He knew.

His mother was the third of five wives his father had married. The first wife was a woman who always adorned trouble like a garment. She hated the other wives passionately simply because they invaded her home. She was willing to get dirty with any of the wives who dared to cross her path. Every other wife cowered in fear whenever she glared at them, except for Akanni's mother. Akanni's mother and the first wife got into several brawls in and out of the house which usually took the intervention of the neighbors and passersby to stop them. The first wife did all she could to send his mother packing. She went as far as poisoning Akanni's food hoping he would die, but the tables turned on her. Her only son ate the food meant for Akanni. She went crazy with grief when she met him sprawled on the floor foaming at the mouth.

She played herself.

The first wife lost her place in the family and her son.

Akanni knew from a tender age, a polygamist would often dine and wine trouble. He decided one wife was all he needed; even if she gave him only daughters, he would live happily with her.


Akanni was one of the best hunters in the town. He achieved feats most of his peers, even those older found difficult. His body was rippled with muscles like an ocean during a storm. He had a keen sight, ears that worked perfectly for him when hunting. He ran faster than most men in his town, plus his killer instincts got him big kills. Akanni was a herculonian figure of immense strength that showed in each strand of taut muscle and sinewy. He also had the looks to complement his body and skills.

Adunni was the definition of a goddess. She was fair in complexion and her skin was smooth like that of a new baby.  Her hair, always adorned with beads or cowries, radiantly stood on her head. Her shape was described as perfectly carved out. She was not too tall or too short. Her face shone like the last strand of the sunlight. Some said she put the colors of the rainbows to shame.

Adunni always turned heads wherever she went.

Akanni and Adunni had been married for five years. Their wedding ceremony was one of the most elaborate ceremony the town had witnessed. However, five years of marriage had no issue. They were barren. Akanni had brought in several Ifa priests, the best he could find. He offered sacrifices to appease the gods, even his wife had gone through several spiritual baths in the hands of different Osun priestesses.

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