Chapter 1

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"Good morning sweetheart" now get up so that u can eat your favorite breakfast and you have a surprise gift from your dad and me.

"Reallyyy yay" i jumped from the bed and ran toward my daddy. "daddyyy" i yelled. He came towards me and picked me up, kissed my cheek. 

"Daddy you have a surprise for me", yes sweetheart he said. " can i see it please".

he said no, first eat your breakfast then get ready then i will show you the surprise to you.

"okayyyy", "put me down, put me down" i wiggled in his arms. he put me down and started to tickle me.

daddy st-opp , mo-mm-yyy, da-ddy i bursted out laughing my mommy came and she also started to tickle me.

"m-ommy sto-pp ple-aseee, dad-dyyy stop"i giggled as tears came rolling down my eyes they stopped. then they took me to the big dining room. 

All the pack members bow down as respect to my mother and father as they wish good morning alpha and luna.

Our new moon pack is the small pack of seventy members. It is not the strongest pack but its is the most lovely pack. everyone in this pack are like a family. They love, care and protect everyone in the pack.

my mom gave me my favorite breakfast. we all ate and mom took me for bath. After the bath i dressed and they took me to the forest in front of the pack house

"mommy, daddy where we are going", its surprise baby, now come on climb on my back my dad said as he shifted into golden brown wolf.

i never went to the woods i am so excited i like my dads wolf its fur so soft but i love my mother wolf. its dark blue with white strips.

Soon we enter a clearing where there is a beautiful lake with a waterfall near the lake there are white and blue flowers they are so beautiful. 

"mommy its soo beautiful i love it" 

"i know hony this is the place where your daddy and me were engaged we want to show it to u so we brought u here".

"Thank you mommy its so beautiful, mommy can i go into the lake" 

"ok but be careful". 

"okay mommy, daddy come", coming sweetheart my dad said. the water is so clear that we can see the bottom of the lake. when i went near the lake there is something in the water with blue box and above it there is a bow. 

"Daddy there's something in here", 

"what is that, pick it up" he said while grinning.

" i took the box" my dad said open it. i open the box there is a note its said that " HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYLA" i put the note aside and see that there is a chain with blue crescent moon and wolf locket.

 i open the box there is a note its said that " HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYLA" i put the note aside and see that there is a chain with blue crescent moon and wolf locket

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"Daddy its beautiful best birthday gift thank you soo much mommy and daddy".

come here baby i will put it on my dad said. i turn around so he can put it on. Daddy its so beautiful thank you.

Then we went into the lake and started playing. my dad teaching me how to swim.

after a while "daddy see iam swimming, mommy look" good sweetheart your becoming big girl my mommy said and your so strong and brave my dad said.

I am grinning and laughing so much thats my cheeks hurts suddenly a pain short through me.

mommy i cried my dad and mommy came up to with worried look and my dad in protected so searching around if anyone there that they hurt me. his eyes were black. when he saw nothing was there then he look at me. 

Again the pain shot through my spine my mom took me out of the lake to the clearing. i am crying and my mom looking worried and asking my dad to tell what is happening to me.

then my bones are cracking its so painful. i asked my mom and dad what is happening. am screaming and crying. they understood that i am shifting and they comforting me. 

soon i shift into wolf and my senses are highlightened its feeling amazing. now am panicking mommy daddy am calling them but they are shocked to see me in my wolf form and my words are coming out as barking.

Soon they snapped back to reality then they are calming me. They said to look at my wolf form in the clear water and i went there to see. My wolf is so beautiful it is white fur with blue at the end of the tips and my eyes are blue as crystal with white specks.

then a voice in my head said "hi" i jumped at the voice and look if anyone was there at my side. but i didn't see anyone. Again the voice said "Am lucy your wolf"

"oh hi lucy i don't know what to do now i cant even talk to my parents how can i talk to them and how can i change into human i didn't see any one at this age turn wolf what if i stay in wolf till am became big girl then i will never talk to my parents then i will never play what if my friends say that am not to play with them what if-" i cut out my rant by lucy 

"don't panick i will help you but you should not shift in front of anyone till i said ok" she asked i said yes. then she said to imagine of my human form and my parents calming me down and said the same thing as lucy said. then i turn back to human with my clothes still on they didnt tore like my father and mom.

when i changed into human form my mom and dad hugged me tightly and we went home.

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