The tapping in my window

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Well that story I'm doing now is very true our house is haunted, if you don't believe me then travel to Kuwait go to subah al Salem house number 3 - block 6 - avenue 20 street 1.... Go ahead have have a sleep over with me and you'll see it for yourself.



I was home alone with my little sis, we were making fun of the characters in the movie Snow White (I hate that movie =.=) so that why were making fun of it. It was 3:00 morning we decided to not go to bed, so we keep having fun at 3:30 I was making little noodles, we really love noodles. At 3:31 we heard a person running outside in the yard it was very dark outside so we got a little closer look to the window and we saw a shadow it scared the hell out of us. So I quickly turn of the heat and picked up the blade that I was hiding under my pillow last month. We went to the living room. Witty in the sofa holding the blade tighter.

My sister was shacking so badly I think he's scared to death, ten this happened a tapping noise in our window we trident to call our mom we were so scared that the phone was next to the window. So we waited till 4:01 the sun was rising, a little bit of light coming out at 4:50 the banging and the tapping stopped thats when the sun was showing a bit. Our we decided to get outside and look. There. Were. No. Footprints. No finger prints on the window, that is strange



Did that story scared ya?

I'm gonna teach you a lesson, if you hear any tapping noises try not to get closer to it or go outside to investigate. That may be. Killer or a ghost =_=


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