Chapter 11 : Nonsense

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Taehyung's POV
I slowly forced myself to walk out of my house with my bag hanging on my shoulder, my hands in my pocket , feeling the cold air from the air conditioner. I went to the side of my house and opened the mailbox.

"No letters today..." I mumbled. I guess my mom hasn't send any... I sighed and decided to continue walking. I passed Irene's house and stopped for a while. Was I too harsh yesterday? I bit my lip as I felt the sudden guilt in my heart. I felt bad for her... I sighed. Well I had to do that...

I walked passed the glass bridge and looked outside. The streets were empty, peaceful but it suddenly reminds me of Irene. She loves this glass bridge because she could see the beautiful view...

I suddenly shook my head. "Why am I thinking about her?" I asked myself. Ugh my mind is full of thoughts... "Morning Taehyung." I heard a familiar sweet voice. I looked at the owner of the voice.

"Irene-sshi, what did I told you about respect?" I tried to act strict to scare her

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"Irene-sshi, what did I told you about respect?" I tried to act strict to scare her. "Huh? Mian- I mean..." She said. "Sorry Mr Kim." She said as she bowed down. She looked at me. "You're the one who told me to call you-"

"You dare to talk back to your boss?" I asked as I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. "A-ah... Sorry..." She forcefully apologized and rolled her eyes. "You must clean my house today, make sure it's sparkling and prepare my food today." I ordered. Her eyes widen. "Wae? I'm just a secreta-" "Since you disobeyed me and talked back to me, you will start having extra work starting today." I smirked.

Her jaw dropped. "What?!" She accidentally shouted and covered her mouth immediately. "Oh what was that I heard? More work?" I jokingly said. "No no no no no." She begged. I laughed and looked away. I left her behind and went to the office.

Irene's POV
I watched him left. I looked out the glass bridge. "Hmm the view is beautiful when it's this early..." I said as I checked my watch.

6.30 AM.

The streets are still peaceful and quiet. The lovely tall buildings, beautiful garden near the street with the sparkling lights. I smiled at the scenery and crossed my arms. I heard footsteps behind me.

I turned back and saw Seulgi. "Seulgi?" I asked. "Let's go inside?" She asked. I was shocked by her actions but nodded anyways. She held my hand and gave me a bright smile. I turned back a bit and saw Park Jimin. Was that why she was suddenly kind? Or...

"Hi Irene." He said as he waved at us. "Morning..." I said as I gave a slight bow. "Annyeonghaseyo." Seulgi greeted sweetly. He just gave a nod to her and looked at me again. Somehow I feel like he likes me... But I don't think so too.... I felt him staring at me. I faked a cough. "I'll be heading inside." I told them and quickly left.

I put my bag on my table and took out some files. I made some coffee for myself and put it beside my computer. I took a seat on the comfortable chair and turned on my computer. "Today's daily report. Come to my office once you're done." Those words appeared on the screen.

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