" Don't tell me its no big deal, its a big deal young lady. she retorts

" WOW woman will you calm down and by the way please don't call me young I happen to be older than you ."

"Yeah yeah older than me my foot. Are you forgetting we were born the same day? , so in your face bitch ha "

"Hahaha since I'm older and more mature. I will pretend that you are older than me so take that Bitch" I tell her.

Naomi takes us to our class sits which is at the front near the door. Mainly so that when the lesson ends I will leave as quickly as I can.

"Goodmorning class " Mr Porage's annoying voice brought me back to reality. Everyone just says morning.

"what's good about this morning" I mumbled getting myself to sleep. This is why I always wear darker shades to sleep in History. This is because I hate history with passion and apparently we need to learn about our wolf history blada blada blada

"IMAGINE THE SEA FULL OF CURRY WITH EGGS FLOATING ON TOP OF IT ." I woke up hearing Mr Porage say that. Without thinking I started creasing so hard it was painful to continue laughing. After I finished laughing the classroom was so quiet, I don't really understand why because what he said was hilarious.

"NOW APHRODITE DO YOU MIND TELLING THE REST OF THE CLASSROOM WHATS FUNNY." Really I mean this guy couldn't be serious. "Aphrodite, do you mind telling the rest of the classroom whats funny" I mimicked him

" well your sense of humour is funny, I mean what kind of a person says that and what does it have to do with wolves? lol, this guy must be crazy ".

APHRODITE" Naomi yells at me . "WHAT," I ask her

"APHRODITE GILBERT GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM NOW ".Mr Porage yells right in my face. Oh, shit that's when I realised that Porage must have heard what I said. Everyone starts laughing this time.

"Naomi did I just spoke my thoughts aloud,"  I ask her, hoping she will say no. "Yes you did " shes says. I could sense that she was laughing as well, damn I'm doomed.

"DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID I SAID GET OUT YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BLIND GIRL." What he says makes me mad so I just grab my walking stick and walk out. Is it my fault that I am blind must he say it to my face ahhhhhhhhhhh worst day ever. With nowhere to go, I start walking around the corridors which are quiet with everyone in lessons.

WOW for the first time in my life, I actually like these corridors. Its probably because everyone is inside classes. Minding my own business some idiot decided to bump into me. After bumping into me they had the audacity to say "watch where you are going Freak". Before I could control my mouth I shot back " maybe you should watch where you are going u Dog ."

Suddenly I felt my body being pulled up and got pressed on the lockers with the person's body pressed against mine. I felt sparks all over my body and didn't know what the fuck was happening to me. Like since when did I start experiencing sparks and butterflies. That's when he growled at me and said one word that will forever change my life.  "Mine " 

"OMG OMG OMG you are my mate" I finally spoke up  

" Is this Damien I ask not trusting myself " because I can sense an Alpha blood

"Aphrodite are you okay" Naomi comes up to me and pulls me in a hug which means that everyone is here.

"omg, I can't believe u got an ugly mate. A blind one as well and don't tell me you are going to mate with her Damien " ahhhhhh kate aka the schools' top slut is so annoying. I could hear people laughing some saying I feel sorry for Damien I mean look at her man shes weak. 

" I could never love and have a luna like you in this pack. so I Damien Donovan alpha of the blood moon pack rejects you Aphrodite as my mate ." my heart breaks but I still find the courage to speak I finally say

"I Aphrodite gilbert also rejects and accept your reject" .with that being said Naomi helped me up and we went to the park house truthfully I just wanted to go home and cry my eyes out I couldn't stand being around this school.

Thank god there's nobody inside the pack house. So we head straight to my bedroom ." Aphrodite are you okay ".

" No" I answer and that's when I start to start crying and let my friend comfort me. Every time I think about what they said it only makes me cry harder after I got tired of crying I went to have a quick shower to freshen up. I changed into my pyjamas and went back to my room only to find Naomi singing one of my favourite songs Damn You By Lana Del Rey.S he looks up to me and gave me a smile while I join her and start singing.

flowers in my hair and your breath smelled like whiskey.

promised anywhere that I'd go, take you with me.

dancing on your feet like a child to the radio.

hello, hello, where did you go?

we were two kids living life on the run, like the American dream, baby!

nothing to lose and we'd get messed up for fun.

we went too fast, too young.

but I won't cry myself to sleep, like a sucker.

I won't cry myself to sleep, if I do, I'll die.

now you fall asleep with another, damn you, Damien, damn you, Damien, damn you, Damien.

every once in a lifetime, dreams can come true.

now when the stars shine, you meet somebody like you.

but I won't cry myself to sleep, like a sucker.

I won't cry myself to sleep, if I do, I'll die.

I pray your life is sweet, you ****er, damn you, Damien , damn you, Damien, damn you, Damien .

We sang that song with all our heart and saying Damn you to Damien made me feel good that we ended up making our own acoustic version of this song which was actually fun because every time I sang DAMN YOU Naomi would shout Damien's name that made me crack up ."Yo Aphrodite should I go get us some  ice cream ."

 "HELL YEAH NOW WHY SHOULD I SAY NO TO THAT". Naomi leaves the room laughing at my British accent, how rude of her. We ate our ice creams while Naomi was ranting on about how Damien is the hottest guy in our park or how he doesn't deserve those looks. 

I swear this girl never shuts up. Naomi then started reading Vampire Academy one of our favourites books. I fall asleep with a big smile on my face even though deep inside I was hurting.


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