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Pen Your Pride

I parked my car in the parking garage under my apartment building and climbed out, shutting the door behind me. I looked at the back window to see Brooklyn, her eyes closed and her face pressed against it, making her nose scrunch and causing her to look like a pig. Both her hands were pressed against the window, sliding down in the slow dramatic way that they do in movies. "Help!" she mumbled, her voice muffled from her face being pressed against the glass. "I'm, I'm being kidnapped!" I noticed how her voice sounded slightly hoarse. I'm guessing that's from her screaming constantly for 20 minutes while I was driving.

I swiftly pulled the door open, standing to the side as Brooklyn fell forward out of the car. "Ahhh!" she shrieked, falling out onto her hands and knees. I resisted the urge to laugh as I bent down and grabbed her hand to help her up. She glared at me, snatching her hand away. She leant back and pulled off her extremely high heeled shoes before standing up on her own.

I stood up also, looking in her electrifying blue eyes and smiled. I expected her to scowl at me but instead she flashed me a sweet smile that had my wolf going into overdrive. But I barely had time to blink before she was dashing through the parking lot, her shoes gripped tightly in her hand.

Though I should have been pretty angry, for some reason a face splitting grin spread across my face. It turns out my mate had some courage, some spunk. I liked it.

I followed after her, effectively catching up, she wasn't very fast. Brooklyn stopped running and turned to look behind her. I quickly ducked and hid behind one of the cars near me. I peeked out at her. She seemed to think that she'd lost me so she calmly walked over to the elevator. She presses d the button and waited. Ding! The elevator bell rung as the doors opened up and she steped inside. I moved from behind the car and sprinted over to the doors, sliding in just before they close.

"Ahhh!" Brooklyn screams, backing against the wall.

"You can't get away from me, Brooklyn." I said, smiling at her.

She groaned, "Why don't you just leave me alone you fucken psycho?! First you kidnap me and throw me and your car and no... w-what are y-you doing?" she stuttered as I moved closer to her, putting both my arms next to her head successfully trapping her.

"Oh Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. You are my mate. I'm yours, and you are mine. Which means I'm not going anywhere. And neither are you." I growled the last part. I moved my hands from beside her head, down to her hips. I grasped them firmly and pulled them to me. "God, you are so hot." I stared into her eyes as I leaned in, parting my lips, preparing to kiss her. I felt her hot breath blowing on my lips as mine were centimeters away from connecting with hers. Just as I was about to close the distance, I felt a sharp stinging pain shooting up my stomach. I groaned as I pulled back from Brooklyn. I doubled over in pain, clutching my crotch. "What the fuck?!" I yelled. Two nut shots in one day?! Did someone up there not want me to reproduce? Or was it that they just wanted to watch me writhe in pain?!

She looked down at me, a smirk on her face. "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with fire? It's very dangerous."

"They did, but it's always more fun when danger is involved." I managed to say through my groans of pain.

She leaned down to my level and whispered in my ear, "Well fun will definitely get you burned."

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