Chapter 10

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Tears flowed down Christina eyes like a river as she packed all the shoes and cloths she could into a brown suitcase. It had been a week since the dispute she had with Ava and even worse things has happened to her.

James constantly beat on her as if she were her mother and tried to make it up by 'making love'.

She couldn't take it no more, so she was going to live in Florida with her big brother Christian. After finding out what was happening, Christian was furious and sent her a plane ticket within a heart beat. He never did like their mom and it pissed him off to know that she was still making the wrong decisions.

Christian was twenty-six years old, with two kids and a girlfriend. He made lots a money working as a mechanic and he also had plenty of room for his sister.

Christina shut down the light in her room, grabbed her car keys and closed the door after her when she walked out. The house seemed quiet as if James was sleep so she walked down the hallway passed his bedroom.

Her flight took off at 12:00pm and it was now 10:32am which gave her enough time to visit her mom and drive to the airport.

Meghan has been in the hospital for the past three weeks. She was beat into a coma and Christina didn't know whether she was still holding onto life or not. It scared her to know that her mom could be dead, but she was prepared.

"Where the hell you think you're sneaking off to?" James growled stopping in her tracks as she entered the living room. He was sitting at the dining table smoking a cigarette, but stood up.

Fuck! She closed her eyes a split second, wishing that he was sleep.

"What you doin?" He asked again grabbing her by the arm, "are you trying to leave me?"

She shook her head, "I'm just going to see mom."

"With a damn suitcase?" He threw her arm down and grabbed her by the neck. "Go sit yo ass down, you not going no where."

Her eyes widened in fear as he pushed her on the couch, causing the suit case to fall.

If people in the streets were to see her so shook up and scared like this, they'll have a whole different perspective of her because she's always so tough and fearless.

Christina sat there on the couch, her chest heaving up and down as if she just got done running four laps. She tried not to cry.

"You think you can leave me?" James chuckled. "Fuck your mom, you with me now." He spat going into the kitchen to get a bear out of the refrigerator.

As he was bent down, searching for one, Christina quickly stood up, grabbed her suit case and ran for the door.

"Hey!" James said running after her. By the time he made it to the door, Christina was already in her car.

"Fuck you!" She yell out the window pulling out of the driveway.

"Don't worry! You'll be back!"

Christina rolled up her window and took off down the street in the direction of the hospital, not looking back.

Once she made it, she locked the doors to her car and walked inside the building. It was empty, which was unlikely since something was always wrong with someone in The Bronx.

Without hesitation, Christina went up to the receptionist who sat at her computer scheduling an appointment for someone. "Hi, my name is Christina." She said approaching her.

The Chinese lady looked up and smiled, "what can I help you with today?"

She bit down on her bottom lip, "I'm here to see my momma, Meghan Taylor."

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