Prologue *

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On a bright new day, I looked out my window, the luminous orb rising from the East as it casts it's warming rays onto my face, I looked up watching the birds flutter their wings, chirping a melodious tune.

I could get used to this

I jumped down from my king sized bed, a chill coursed through my body once my feet touched the cold marble floor. I looked around my lavender pastel room finally seeing what I was looking for, my pink fluffy slippers.

I looked over my bedside table at the clock radio which read 6:24am.

I woke up early!

Determined to show off how early I was, I mentally took note of the time as I dashed out of my room. I slowed my pace as I approached my parents door.

Should I knock? Should I not?

Going for the latter, I let myself in as the door made contact with the wall with a Bang.

"MOM!! DAD!! WAKE UP!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" I yelled, pulling on the stool by my right. Using it's height to propel me towards the toggle switch as I moved the lever, switching it on.

I cast a disappointed look at the bed where they were meant to be together but all I saw was my mom sluggishly trying to clear the sleep out of her eye as she adjusted to the light.

"Sweetie, it's 6:30am, the party doesn't start until 9:00am." She raised her brows.

"I know but-"

"No buts, you know how I like to make the best cake for my little girl, come here." She said as she opened her arms wide, which I gladly obliged kicking off my slippers and running into her embrace.

"Dad's still not home again?" I asked as I looked at the dipped part of the bed in which he had laid the previous night.

She gently pulled my chin in her direction, she looked at me squarely and said: "Daddy's got a very big contract today, I know he'll come eventually, it's his most important person birthday today! And he promised he'll make it in time." I nodded my head in response.

"What am I getting for this year's birthday mom?" I awaited her response knowing the gifts she gives are always my favorite.

"If I told you, would it still be a surprise?" She cocked a brow with a grin plastered on her face.

"No, but since it's from you, I don't mind it not being a surprise and besides I can still put on my surprised face like this." As I gestured, widening my eyes, my mouth in an 'O' as my hands held my cheeks. "See! It's all in the reaction, so could you tell me, please!! Please with little pink unicorns on top!" I clasped my hands together giving a big puppy dog expression.

"Wasn't it cherry on top?" She asked laughing, "You know I like the good old reaction to seeing a surprise gift, your puppy dog eyes won't work today." She replied poking my nose.

Aw, thought that would work, at least I know she has something waiting for my surprised expression, can't wait!!

"Can't wait then, I wanna try out my sparkly swan dress, I'll be like a Disney princess!!" I squealed as I ran out getting ready for the party.

"BYE!"I yelled, running to my room not waiting for her reply.

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