Chapter 12: Sand [/]

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"Anaeya.. hey, Ana!" It was Rayna. "I need you for a bit."

"Yea, is everything alright?" Anaeya replied, passing Richard the sunscreen. "Put on extra if you have to. Its burning like a hundred degrees out here."

The boy nodded.

"Anaeya, listen."


"What's up?" Richard greeted.

"Eh.." Her sister scratched her head, feeling awkward. "Is sand.. er.. is sand safe?"

"I guess... Why?"

"Relax, this spot of the beach is clean," Richard said, shrugging as he applied sunscreen. "The director sent some people to inspect it before we came."

"No.. no.. I mean, is sand consumable?"


Anaeya looked over her sister's shoulder where Dayana was seated a few feet away devouring the sandcastle they made minutes ago.

Erick was seated crosslegged opposite of the little girl, staring in utter horror as Christopher recorded the scene with his phone.

"Oh my gosh!" Anaeya immediately ran to Dayana. "Baby Dayana, sand cannot be eaten."

"But Erick said its like cake," Dayana said, innocent. Anaeya glared daggers at the boys, prompting Christopher to shut his phone.

Erick held his hands up in surrender. "I said its like making a cake. I didn't say to eat it. I just didn't know how to react when she ate it. Blame Chris, he took a video."

"Anaeya, do you want some?" Then, the little girl shoved more sand into her mouth, mumbling, "It tastes good."

"No.. no.. spit it out.. oh gosh.." Anaeya picked her up and quickly brought her to the nearest public washroom to clean up. "Chris, delete that footage before I shove sand up your ass."

"Is that another way to eat sand, Ana?" Dayana asked, wide eyes.

Richard laughed, saying, "I would like to see that happening." Rayna turned to stare at him with arms crossed. He quickly wiped the smile off his face and said, "Eh yo, brother.. let's uh.. get back to work.."

Anaeya was in the middle of cleaning Dayana at the sink when someone came up from behind her.

"Anaeya." It was Joel.

He had his hands in his pockets and an awkward smile. Being the shyest guy in the group, Joel rarely approached her except the occasional greeting or compliment about clothes.

"Hey, Joel. Can I help you?"

"Yea, uh.. I need to ask you something," the boy asked, staring at his shoes. Anaeya nodded, wiping Dayana's face with wet tissues. "How do you deal with the feeling of missing home?"

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