Chapter Eight

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EIGHT I used to

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I used to

Augustus plods along in front of Lexa and Clarke, my eyes lower slightly. I'm very tired after the aftermath of the fight. For now, I was walking back to Arkadia. And, surprisingly, I was excited to go. I felt like I needed to get there.

Sasha, my partner in crime, had reluctantly been pardoned for her crimes by Lexa only a few hours earlier. My Grounder friend had brought Augustus to Polis for me, when she made the plot with Bellamy to 'save' me from Lexa.

Before Lexa pardoned her we ran face to face with Falo, the ice bitch sent from the Ice Queen go hunt us down, had demanded Sasha was their traitor and the new king would punish her himself. However, I guess, old feeling never die, when Lexa ended up pardoning Sasha, before hurrying away, before I had time to question her.

Now Sasha rode beside me, as the convoy moved on towards Arkadia. It was hard to recognise it by that name, but, like Murphy, Jaha was gone. And Camp Jaha wasn't a very fitting name.

"Are you thinking about Bellamy?" Sasha asks me, after the silence that had surrounded us since the beginning of the trip. I sigh.

"I don't really want to talk about Bellamy right now." I say, looking over at the fiery haired warrior. "What happened? After Roan took me?"

"I found Bellamy, at Arkadia, that's the reason why he found you in that cave with Roan. Afterwards, I ran into Echo. An old friend of mine, and she tricked us into thinking the summit would be attacked. Like a fool, I fell for it."

"You're not as a fool as me." I State, Sasha gives me a weak smile. She seemed uncomfortable around the other grounders.

"When you return to your people they will see you as a hero, you bring them justice. Mine see me as a traitor." Sasha states, looking back at the Ice Queen, her body covered up with flowers.

"Trust me, mine see me as a traitor as well." I say, looking behind me at Clarke who gives me a nod, then she looks back at Lexa.

"Ava." Sasha breathes out, no bitter comment or wise remark, makes me surprised, so I turn back around. She's staring wide eyed in front of us, pulling Ares to a stop.

I look ahead, seeing a wide open space in front of us. A sick feeling rises in my stomach when I see the bodies, countless numbers of them, scattered across the hill side, painted with blood and dirt.

"Heda!" Someone yells, as they see the field, but I do not wait for the leader, I dismount Gus breathless, walking down off the path.

I step over the bodies, watching for signs of life, but there's none. No wounded. What the hell happened here? I can't help but think, but already a sick feeling rises as a look at the wounds. And I know. Bullets.

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