chapter 18 earth

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It was 8:30, you were sitting on the couch playing a super smash brother with Beastboy. beastboy was playing as Mega man while you're playing Yoshi.

Beastboy: you're going down y/n

Y/n: no, you are!

as you and beastboy where playing, the both of you saw a final smash.

beastboy&y/n: mine!

the both of you started to fight to fight over final smash, until you threw a egg at mega man, making beastboy freak out. you activated the yoshi's final smash, winning the game.

Y/n: i win!

Beastboy: no way, i just let you win!

Y/n: sure you did

Beastboy: you wanna go again?

Y/n: no, i'm going outside

you jumped off the couch and ran towards the elevator. the elevator stop, you walked out of the elevator, into the garage , opened the garage and walked outside.

You walked over to the water, sat down on top of a rock. You started hear two voice to your right, you turn your head to see raven and starfire, meditating.

Before you can walk up to them the tower alarms went, causing you to run back inside.


You ran into the living room again but stop and hide behind the couch. You heard robin say it was a guy named Johnny rancid.

Robin: titans go!

They ran out of the living room only to turn to see you.

Y/n: can i

Titans: no

Y/n: come on, i took on slade, the condiment King and the Toiletnator

They looked at each other then looked back at you. The titans nodded their heads.

You ran over to your backpack, pulled out the magi staff and followed the titans out of the tower.


You were in the t-car, the t-car stop in front of Johnny rancid and his giant metal robot dog, wrex.

You were in the t-car, the t-car stop in front of Johnny rancid and his giant metal robot dog, wrex

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johnny: this city belong to johnny rancid!

robin: i don't think so rancid. Titans go!

the titans began fighting rancid and his dog. you pulled out the magi staff, you fired four fireballs at the dog, but didn't hurt him let alone make a scratch. He had his eye lock on you, he started to charge at let, knock the other titans out of the way.

you jumped out of the way, the magi sword started glowing and just like before it turn into a sword.

You created an ice slide, you slit on top of it, you landed on wrex's back.

You started slashing at his back but he knock you.

Johnny: having a kid fight your battle? You guys are pathetic!

Y/n: their not pathetic!

You charnged at Johnny, but wrex just knocked into a building, making you drop the magi staff.

Wrex started charging at you again, you then hold your left arm making tree vines burst out the ground, the vines wrap around wrex, holding him down.

You turn around to see Johnny about to blast you with his weird blaster, he fires it only to have a giant hall of rock blocks it.

The rock walls then heads towards Johnny, hitting him.

Beastboy: terra?

Y/n: 'who's terra'

You turn back to wrex who was broken out of the vines. But then the ground beneath you starts shake until it rips from the street, floating in the air.

You pointed both of your hands beneath the ground you were floating on, three pieces from street rip from the ground, you threw them at wrex, hurting the scrap dog. You summoned the vines again, wrapping around wrex's legs, legs, and his neck. Then vines start to pulls all around him Until he was pulled around.

You jumped off the rock and slammed it on top of wrex's head, crushing it.

Johnny: I'll pay for that you brat!!!

He fires his gun again and just like a giant rock wall blocks it. You jumped over the wall, you ripped two pieces off the rock wall and threw them at Johnny, knocking him out.

You summoned the vines again, this time wrapping around Johnny just he escapes.

You started to feel really sleep, so sleepy you almost hit the ground if was for cyborg catching you.


You woke up in a bed, you sat up and saw beastboy sitting in a chair with a sad look on face.

Beastboy: hey little dude, how you feeling?

Y/n:alright, beastboy who's terra?

Beastboy looked down at the ground and then looked back at you.

Beastboy: terra was..... terra was one of us.... until she started working for slade...... i try talking her out of it but.... she didn't listen and tried to kill me and the other..... i went up to slade's lair.... i talkes to her again but this time listen, but the suit she was wearing was being controlled by slade

You saw beastboy eyes ate forming tears.

Beastboy: terra was about to kill me, but she attacked slade instead, she..... used her power to destroy Slade's.... then lava come on of the ground....and  then....she....she.... sacrificed herself

Beastboy starts to cry, putting his hands on his face. You got up from the bed, walked over to beastboy and hugged.

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