the Halloween special

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Virgil and Roman where dare to stay in the school overnight.

" here we are"
Roman says he pushed the front doors open.

They walked in and looked around. And after a while of discussion they decided to camp out in one of the classrooms on the Upper Floor.

After a while talking in the dark classroom the Clock Struck midnight and Virgil automatically felt something wrong.



"I said are you ok Virgil?"

"Oh. yeah I'm fine"

"You don't look 'fine'"

"I'm ok ri-"


"What in the name to the fare mother was That!"


"Don't ask"

"Ok... I'll go check it out"

"No! Not go bye you're self"

"Ok then cume with me"

They wint to check aot the noose

Thare was broke glass on the graond.

"Fuck it I'm leafing!"

"Me to"

And that left

Na gust kidding I'm gust to tired to keep writing.

See ya

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