"What did she want?" Jonathan inquired when he returned back upstairs. Lilah looked over her shoulder at him, his brow was furrowed in thought as he watched her, 

"I have no idea." She replied with a smirk, moving towards the couch and taking a well deserved seat, "All I know is, that I may just get scratched to death during the night." She sighed, looking down at her nails, "Do me a favour and wake me should you hear the sounds of feet with cat-like precision." Jonathan moved towards her, 

"Then, I am right to assume that things did  not go well." Lilah paused, 

"Uhhhhhhmm.... nope."  She answered, "Well, I never was very good at making friends. Seems like my best friend is a man who dresses in a green suit with questions marks." Jonathan took a seat beside her, an obviously bored look on his face, 

"Edward Nigma is not welcome here again." He muttered bitterly. Lilah shrugged her shoulders, 

"Fine by me." She replied, "In fact, if you want to tell him yourself, just go outside and yell as loud as possible. He should hear you one way or another." 

"You're irritated." He muttered. Lilah clapped her hands together, 

"Oh, you're so smart!" Of course she was irritated, that's generally how one feels after they've had particularly irritating guests. Jonathan watched her for a few more seconds before he smiled, placing his hand on her knee, 

"That's why they refer to me as 'Doctor' and you as 'Miss Doute'" Shoving him lightly, Lilah smiled and much to her surprise, Jonathan chuckled softly, 

"Look at that. So, Jonathan Crane does laugh." Lilah smirked. Jonathan's eyes flicked back to her 

"Looks like we both learnt something new." He said. Lilah raised her eyebrow, 

"You never knew you could laugh?" She asked. Jonathan shook his head, 

"I was unaware that a simple joke could cause your entire face to light up." He said. Lilah smiled lightly, 

"I'm too smart to be seduced by you... " She mocked, tilting her head. "Again." She added, thinking of the night they shared toegther.

"Well, I suppose that's why I like you." Jonathan replied. Looking at him, Lilah paused, she wasn't sure how to respond, 

"Jonathan." She smiled, "I-" her words were abruptly cut off by the sound of several loud knocks on the front door, Selina Kyle? No. She would have just broken in. Edward maybe? It was Jonathan who rose from the couch, readjusting his jacket before moving towards the door. When he opened it, a tall man stood in the doorway. He was a handsome man with dark brown, near black  hair and eyes that reminded her of Jonathan's. He wore mostly black, including a worn in leather jacket. 

"Jonathan Crane?" He asked, raising his eyebrow slightly. 

"May I ask who's asking?" Jonathan replied, at this point, Lilah stood, moving behind Jonathan to get a better look at the man. Upon seeing her, he pushed past Jonathan and strode towards her with a smirk on his face, 

"And you must be Lilah. I've heard so much about you." He grinned, 

"Can't say the same, I'm afraid." She replied hesitantly, the man chuckled, 

"Of course. My name is Christian Sawyer." He said, holding his hand out. Lilah gently took it, she had heard his name numerous times, but she never believed she would ever meet him. Christian was rich- richer then rich. In fact, the only person who was richer then Christian was Bruce Wayne. 

"I retract my previous statement in that case, Mr. Sawyer." She smiled politely, shaking his hand. When it came to men with this amount of wealth, being respectful and polite was the best way to go. 

"Please, call me Christian. Mr. Sawyer makes me sound so... old." He laughed lightly. Clearing his throat, Jonathan shut the door, his focus on Christian who looked over his shoulder at him, 

"What do you want?" He hissed. Christian smiled, remaining calm despite Jonathan's obvious annoyance, 

"To fund you." He replied. Lilah and Jonathan both stared at him with looks of confusion, 


"Oh come on!" Christian sighed, "The Fear Gas, moron." 

"What did you just call me?" 

"-A moron. Aren't you listening?" Christian mocked, "anyway, seeing as how good ol' Carmine Falcone was originally throwing his cash around for your little project and he is now... bat shit crazy. I have decided to take his place and start throwing my money around for your little project." He explained, 

"How do you know all of this?" Jonathan inquired. 

"Well, let's see." Christian began, "I'm completely rich. I also work in the criminal business, meaning that I have ties with anyone who thinks they're good enough to be called a professional criminal." He explained, 

"Your point?" Lilah snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. Christian laughed lightly, turning his eyes to her, 

"I happen to know Edward Nigma." He said. After a short pause, Lilah nodded, 

"Say no more." She smirked. Christian flashed her a smile of triumph before he turned to Jonathan once more, 

"And, if I should refuse?" Jonathan smirked. Christian rolled his eyes, 

"Then you are a moron." He deadpanned. Lilah smiled in amusement. The man had guts, she would give him that, especially if he knew as much as he claimed to about Jonathan and his work. Jonathan narrowed his eyes, but before he could speak, Christian cut him off, 

"Like I said. I'm rich and with that comes a busy lifestyle." He smirked, searching his jacket pockets and pulling out a thin card that he handed to Jonathan, "This is for you. I've recently transferred an exact amount of $10, 000 into your account. Should you be in need of more. Give me a call." Jonathan cautiously took the card, immediately slipping it into his jacket before Christian turned to face Lilah, 

"And it was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Doute." He smiled, "Come by my place some time, I'd be quite interested in finding out about your story." He smirked, 

"She won't be interested in that." Jonathan snapped angrily. Christian laughed, 

"Please. She's not my type." He retorted, "Plus, I'm not dumb enough to get on Deadshot's bad side." he added. Lilah smirked, That explains how he knew about me. Letting his eyes meet Lilah's once more, he smiled before turning on his heel and moving towards the door, 

"You haven't told me where you live." Lilah called after him, her eyebrow raised slightly. Christian looked over his shoulder at her, 

"Trust me. You'll know it when you see it." He said with a final wink before he took his leave. 

A/N: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Christian Sawyer. 

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