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When you arrived at the changing area where your mother is, she doesn't even let you go out of her sight because she's so nervous. And being the good daughter you are, though you're getting a bit pissed, you always says positive things to her.

But you really need to change, and your mother doesn't let you go. You sighed, and walked out of the room, ignoring her callings. You're sure she'll be completely fine without you, considering that she arrived first then you.

 You're sure she'll be completely fine without you, considering that she arrived first then you

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You just wore a simple makeup, and styled your hair. You finished just on time, the ceremony is about to start.


Jungkook has been staring at you the whole ceremony, he hasn't looked away from your for more than a second. You can't even steal a glance at him since you're too flustered by his intense stare.

Finally, it's picture time, and there they are. Your mother and Jungkook's father in the middle, gazing lovingly at each other. You internally cringed at them when they kissed minutes ago.

You headed to them, and also Jungkook. Suddenly, your heart beat fastened, and you don't even know why. Your eyes met with Jungkook for a second, your looked away first, you're sure you're red now. You heared Jungkook grinned, and that made you heat up more, because he noticed your face.

Your mom made you stay behind with Jungkook, then suddenly you felt an arm snake in your waist, making you flinch in surprise, Jungkook tried to stifle his laugh.

You heared the camera man count, you tried to smile. Yeah, tried. 'Coz Jungkook gripped your ass. Luckily, no one is behind you both so no one saw what the pervert did.


Your parents stayed at a hotel, so now the Jungkook and you are alone.

Who knows what could happen?

You yelped as you felt being lifted up in a bridal style. Jungkook grinned darkly, and that isn't a good sign.

Oh uh,

You felt nervous as you go nearer and nearer in his room. You yelped again as he threw you on the bed, his hand unbuttoning. You bit your lip as you watch him only unbutton with just one hand, you can clearly see the veins.

Then he hovered above you, face going red on what he said;

"Don't worry, we're also going to have a honeymoon, and it's starting now."

Sorry for being unactive, been busy everyday. And I'm also having a writer's block, but just a little. I know you know what's next ; )

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