Chapter Ten: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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NOVEMBER 18th, 2020



so hey

its been a month now since the last recording

a lot of things have happened in that time

namely nimja wanted me to record a file for you guys

well thats flattering

i honestly dont know where to start


you dont believe me do you


i was just kidding

of course i know where to start

what do you think i am a deranged lunatic


lets just get right into it

my name is hydro

but you already knew that

im 24 years old

but you already knew that too

i live in the united states

but you already knew that too

my best friend is oginim

but you already knew that too

im a huge fan of nimja

you know what lets just skip all this

you already know all this stuff about me im sure of it

so lets get to the stuff that you really came here for

the stuff you dont know about me

and believe me

theres plenty of stuff you dont know about me

for example

i live in seattle washington

yeah you didnt know that one did you

of course not


between you and me

my real name is amanda merkel

and ich sprechen deutsch

no im not german

my family is of german descent

theyre german american

but im not german

im american

ive never lived in germany

ive never even been to germany

but i digress

dont worry

he knows

i told him

anyways it all began in my home in seattle washington

oh wait

no it didnt

it began in amsterdam

like everything does

i was still staying in a hotel along with slang
the two of us had grown to be pretty good friends and at that time slang was sitting on my bed with me watching that show from britain about the spanish inquisition

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