Chapter 13: Convenience Store Date

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I poked Hyunjin's head several times to wake him up. Peach is sleeping and I don't think it's appropriate for me to have a guest here despite the two being childhood friends.

Hyunjin hummed and moved his head slightly to keep me from poking him but I continued what I'm doing.

"Jinwoo..." He murmured and moved his head again. For Pete's sake.

My head still hurts a bit. I've only been watching him sleep for the past 2 hours. Also with a bit of hair touching since his hair is just too soft to resist. Good thing he was asleep or else that would be really embarrassing to explain.

The bus for the school trip probably left already, leaving us behind. There's an assembly time and we obviously couldn't arrive. I also heard the girls and their bags moving from outside the room. I thought that today would be my first school trip but nature didn't spare me.

I poked Hyunjin again and he grabbed my finger feebly, holding it like how you hold a pencil in pre-school. He's really adorable, I swear. It's not just his attractive looks that made me fall...he's definitely just different in all aspects.

"Why are you.." He said some more after but I couldn't understand him since he's just murmuring– hardly even pronouncing words.

Should I just let him sleep? I think I'd feel bad if I do wake him up. He looks so tired for some reason. I don't think he's sick anymore though. I'm warmer than him.

I run my fingers through his hair gently, smiling as I stare at his angelic sleeping face. He's practically a baby. I can't believe he's already 17. Is he older than me by a few days or is it the other way around? I haven't asked.

"Keep doing that." His voice sounded a bit clearer but still practically a murmur which means he's already awake.

This dork.

I immediately retreated my hand and got off of the bed, not caring if he loses his position since he's already awake. My head throbbed really hard when I got up though. I'd rather have Hyunjin annoy me for a week than to experience a hammer pouncing on my temples.

"Where are you going..." His voice became a bit louder so I abruptly hushed him since he might wake Peach up.

"Get up. Let's leave the room," I told him before entering the bathroom to fix myself.

There's surely not a lot of students anymore. Only the other building's students are probably present but they have nothing to do with us senior high school students. We only have the guards here now maybe?

When I got out of the bathroom, Hyunjin's already sitting up, looking lost. He really does look like a baby. The way his lips are pouting, his eyebrows are a bit knitted together, and his eyes are slightly squinted– how could he not look like a baby like that?

He spotted me staring at him which made his pout instantly turn into a smile. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. He's such a cheeky brat, I swear.

"Let's go outside."

After putting on our shoes and everything else, we left the dorm to walk outside. I mean, yeah my head still hurts and my body still feels heavy but this is better than being suffocated inside the room with a pink-haired witch.

"You still look a bit pale. Are you sure you want to be outside?" Hyunjin asked me, staring at my face intently while we walk.

"Yes– stop staring at me! You might trip!"

"I don't mind." He smiled cheekily.

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