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"Jimin! Did you hear? We are getting a new health teacher! " Taehyung finally found Jimin in the halls. "Really? " Jimin held all his books,  ready for the school day.

"We have health next anyway. " Taehyung mumbled. "Well, let's go then. " Jimin smiled. The two walked next to each other to health.

They opened the door to see a mint haired male sitting at the desk and a few kids sitting in the chairs. Jimin and Taehyung sat in their seats up close to the new teacher.

Once all the students sat in their seat, the teacher stood up and grabbed a whiteboard marker and wrote on the board.

'Mr. Min'

"Hello class. I am your new teacher, Mr. Min. As you know,  Mrs. Hana had a baby,  so I'll be filling in for her until she gets back. " Yoongi spoke. His eyes moved around to look at the students,  one caught his eye.

Jimin looked up to see the mint haired teacher look at him. Yoongi looked away when he saw the youngers eyes meet his.  "Okay class, I'm going to hand out a note card and you will write your first and last name and some things about yourself. " Yoongi then took a stack of note cards and passed them out to the class. When he reached Jimin,  he purposely brushed his hand against Jimin's arm. Jimin felt his cheeks go a little hot.

"Remember, name,  first and last,  and how about three things about yourself. "

Jimin thought hard about what he could put. This is what he did;

Park Jimin
I like dancing, singing and hanging out with my friends.

Jimin felt it was lame but he didn't care. "Okay class,  I'm going to come around and collect the note cards. " He walked around collecting the cards. When he came to Jimin,  Jimin held out the card and when Yoongi grabbed it,  he brushed his finger tips along Jimin's. "Your being quiet today. I've heard your like this only when you find someone attractive. " Yoongi whispered to Jimin. 

Jimin blushed once more. "Okay class, I'm going to tell you a bit about myself. "

"My name is Min Yoongi, I play basketball and I play the piano. I also like to sleep. A lot. " He decided he wanted to test the class. He smiled. His gummy smile glistened.  He looked around and everyone was in shock.

A bunch of girls started screaming. Even a few males did - Jimin gasped. 

Holy hot......

Jimin sat in awe. "Isn't he hot? " Jimin heard some girl behind him whisper.

After class,  Jimin was about to walk out with Tae,  but Mr. Min called him back. "Orange hair. Come here. " He called. Jimin turned around. "Come here. " Jimin looked down  and blushed. "I-I'll me-eet up w-with you l-late-r. " Jimin stuttered. Taehyung nodded and left the classroom. Jimin walked over to Yoongi.

"I heard from a lot of students your like Mr. Bad boy. " Yoongi smirked. Jimin held his book and looked at his feet, again his cheeks going hot. "Isn't your name Park Jimin? " He asked. Jimin nodded, still looking down. "Jimin, do you find me cute? " Jimin was taken back for a moment.  "Uh-h n-no M-Mr. M-M-i-i-n. " Jimin stuttered again in fear.

"Don't lie to me. Your adorable yourself. " Yoongi grabbed Jimin's chin to make him look up. Jimin flinched. "Mr. Bad boy isn't so bad around his crush huh? " Yoongi teased. Jimin blushed.

"Your just so cute
" Yoongi brought his head closer to Jimin's. Jimin dropped his books and pushed his lips onto the older males. Jimin held onto Yoongi's neck while Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin's waist.

"Hm... Mr. Min-"

"Don't call me that when we are alone. Call me Yoongi. " Yoongi broke the kiss to look into Jimin's eyes.  Jimin twirled his finger around Yoongi's mint green hair.

"Don't ever be quiet around me again. "


I spent all school day thinking of how I'm going to do this😂😂 I based this story off of 'Bad Teacher' by yoonminislifeu1

(hope you don't mind. I've reread that book so many times😂😂)

Seriously go read that book it's amazing. Anyway😂😂
How was your guys Halloween? And what where you? Mine was a good,  and I was Meeko from Pocahontas 😂

Raccoons are my favorite animal if you didn't know. Ima go now 😂😂

Bye bye!
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