Scary Nights

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^^ I loved Harry's tweet so much that I made this hahaha

I couldn't decide on a specific one, so this is a combined prompt requested by @1D_Sickfics and harryslilbigtoe I hope you two enjoy!

Niall- Daddy
Louis- Papa
Harry- 3
Liam- 5

"Are you two excited?" Niall asked enthusiastically as he adjusted Harry's fox costume and Liam's 'terrifying' vampire outfit, complete with fake blood coming from the sides of his mouth.
"Yes, yes!" Harry and Liam squealed. Harry was especially excited, this was his first Halloween. Louis and Niall had taken him last year, but he hadn't really grasped the concept yet. This year, however, he did. He even picked out his own costume. He couldn't wait for his little pumpkin bucket to fill up with candy.

"Alright, crew, let's head out," Louis announced. "And, babes, make sure to stay close to me and Daddy and hold our hands," after receiving a sound of understanding, the kids and parents headed out.

They walked up the street a little ways, until they came to their first house.
"Knock on the door, Harry!" Liam encouraged, letting his little brother lead the first house; this was his first real experience trick-or-treating. Hesitantly, Harry knocked on the door. Within seconds, the door opened, and it revealed a kind looking woman dressed as a witch.
"Hello, cuties! Happy Halloween," she greeted, holding out a big bowl of candy.
"What do you say, boys?" Niall encouraged, and he thanked them once his sons said their thank yous.

It went on like that for the next hour or so; Harry and Liam knocking on doors and receiving candy, also getting compliments from their adorable costumes. Harry was having the time of his life, and so was Liam since he now had a mate to do this with.

"Haz, how much candy have you got?" Liam asked when they were halfway through their neighborhood. Luckily, the little family lived in a big neighborhood in a Little-friendly community, so there were many adult-sized children dressed in costumes and squealing. Louis and Niall couldn't think of a better place. Anyway, because of the size of their neighborhood, they didn't think they'd need to go anywhere else, which was a good thing due to the boys' ages.

"Um, this much!" the curly haired boy exclaimed, putting down his bucket and stretching his arms as far out as they could. "How much do you have, Li?" the boy then asked, and Liam did the same thing with his arms. "Wow. . ." the mumbled, wondering if his arms would ever be long enough to reach his brother's.

"Alright boys, a few more and then I think we'll head home," Niall commented, noticing the boys' full buckets and tired faces as they lethargically carried on.
"Nooo, Daddy! We wanna go to every house!" Liam whined, a clear sign that he was indeed tired.
"We have, boys. Besides, we need to get back to hand out candy to other people," Niall explained, and both boys huffed and pouted. Niall rolled his eyes, amused.

At the very beginning of the house's driveway, there was a sign that said DO NOT ENTER. The family carried on though, thinking it was just decoration, which seemed to be the only one around the house.

When the kids were just about to climb the steps of the porch, the door opened, quite aggressively for that matter, and out came an older man, who seemed middle aged. He looked angry about something as Liam and Harry slowly backed up on the lawn.
"Didn't you read the sign?! Don't enter! Get out!" the man said in a very harsh voice, almost yelling. He had grown bitter over the years after his last Little grew up and left. At the voice, Harry and Liam screamed. They ran to Louis and Niall in tears, and tugged helplessly on their shirts. Without a word, the men picked up their boys as the quickly fled the lawn, hearing the man's door slam shut.

"D-Daddddyyyy! P-papaaaa!" the two little boys cried, scared out of their wits.
"Shh, shhh, it's okay, sweetie. Some people just don't like Halloween," Louis cooed to his youngest in his arms, not really sure what caused the man's outrageous behaviour. Usually people in this community were friendly. Meanwhile, Niall bounced a crying Liam in his arms, who was equally terrified as Harry. "It's okay boys, he's all gone now. All gone now. You're safe," Louis and Niall cooed to them as they continued to pat the boys' bums and talk sweetly to them as they walked home.

When they arrived home, both boys were still scared, but the tears had stopped, and Louis and Niall could only hear a sniffle or whimper every once in awhile. Both boys were still attached to their parents.
"Okay, babes. We're home now! No need to be scared," Niall cooed as he rubbed Liam's back.
"S-Scared, Daddy," he whimpered slightly.
"I know, baby, but there's no need to be. C'mon, let's go inside and look at all the candy you got!" Niall tried to cheer up his boys that both seemed a bit blue, and they seemed to perk up a bit at that.

When the small family was inside of their cozy home that had decorations lurking in every corner, Liam and Harry raced to the living room immediately. They dumped out their buckets of candy on the floor, making a pile of it. They dug right in, each taking a piece and smiling as they let the sweetness deep into their tastebuds.

Louis and Niall smiled warmly at the kids as they cuddled up on the sofa again, letting them go crazy tonight with the candy. They didn't have school the next day, so they could. Of course, the parents were going to try to avoid stomach aches.

By the time trick or treaters started arriving at their house, Harry and Liam were cuddled up on the couch with a blanket, each one on either side of it. In the middle of them was the pile of sweets that they were munching on as they watched 'scary' movies. Louis and Niall were constantly switching between watching the movie, making sure the boys' didn't have too much candy, and answering the door for kids who begged for candy.

"Alright you two, that's enough candy now," Niall told them, taking a bag and sliding the rest of the candy into it for safe keeping until they allowed the boys to have more.
"Nooo!" Harry and Liam whined as it was taken away.
"Yesss! We don't want tummy aches. Ooh, look at Jack!" Niall tried to distract them, and it luckily worked.

Liam seemed content without the candy for a little bit, and was soon cuddled up with the blankets. However, Harry had kept a little cash stash in his lap under the blanket, and he was taking pieces when Niall and Louis weren't looking.

Soon though, Harry's tummy began to hurt. . .a lot. His poor little tummy wasn't used to so much candy at one time. He didn't like it, and wanted it to go away as soon as possible. Sadly, the poor boy didn't really understand that it was the candy, and he thought he was actually sick and would have to lay in bed.

"Daddy! Papa!" the boy ran to them in tears. "M-my tummy huuurts! Don' wanna be siiiick!" the boy cried, reaching his arms up to them desperately.
"Baby!" Niall chuckled a bit as his baby. "It's okay, baby. You're not really sick. I think someone just had a little too much candy, huh?" Niall asked just as Louis walked in with empty candy wrappers he had found on couch from when he went to check on Liam.
"Harry?" Louis asked with a raised eyebrow. "Did you have more candy after we told you no more?" Harry sheepishly looked down at his feet. Niall tsked.
"Harry, that's a no-no. I'm sorry, but no candy for you tomorrow as punishment."
"Nooo! Please, Daddy I'll be good!" Harry cried.
"Nope, sorry, Haz. Besides, you'll want to get over this bug before you have more. But for now, let's get you some medicine,"

Harry took his medicine with surprisingly no fuss, and a couple days later, he was as good as new and eating candy again.

Of course, this time, he was more careful about how much he ate.

Author's Notes-

I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if it seemed a bit rushed but it was kind of a last minute thing. I'll be getting back to my requests now.

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it!


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