Chapter 11

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Tara's POV


I walked carefully through the halls at school, carrying my books tightly in the background i heard a group of people chanting.


Someone pushed me causing me to fall face first to the ground, i feel the pain of getting kicked strongly on every body part. It's just like year 5 all over again.


I woke up instantly, felt my face full of tears and sweat, i was panting heavily, fewww just a dream i'm fine. I felt my heart beating one thousand times a second. It just made me feel right in the same position i felt in year 5.

I looked over to my alarm clock 2:13 am really?! I'm going back to bed. It was difficult getting back to bed my mind was in the past when I want to stay in the present.

I twisted and turned, getting kicked, Chris, rude words getting screamed at me and my friends were most of the things going through my mind.

I must've drifted back to sleep, because I woke up to my annoying as usual alarm clock at 7:15 am, woah the dream I had last night was terrible though this morning I'm not feeling that bad, I jumped out of bed took a look in the mirror to see how horrible and tired I look I have massive bags under my eyes my hairs all tangled up ahh how great it will be brushing that!

I neatly placed my uniform on, finished my morning routine and went off to the bus stop. Thankfully I was right on time wouldn't have to wait.

While walking on the bus I only saw Indie, Jacob and Luke on it, I wonder where all the others are, I gave Jacob a friendly hug and sat next to him seeing as Luke and Indie were flirting away on the other seat.

"Where is everyone?" I asked, I'm so confused.

"I dunno, they probably missed it or something," Jacob guessed.

"Oh yeah probably." I agreed.

Jacob's POV

I know this is such a bad thing and it will ruin everything for us but I'm starting to have feelings for Tara. I know it will never happen, first because she's with Chris and is always talking to me about him, two we're best friends and always have been nothing like this should tear us apart.

But no one will ever understand the way I feel when I'm with her, she brings joy to life, brings happiness. It wouldn't be worth living if she wasn't alive. I'm just going to lock my heart away for now. She must not know about these feelings, so I guess it will just be a secret for now.


Tara's POV

As we got to school it started pouring down with rain, it's probably a 2 min walk from the bus stop to my locker, but in that 2 min as I got to my locker my body from head to toe was dripping nonstop.

I checked my timetable to see that we have humanities, humanities can be sometimes interesting but most the time I get bored, just like every other subject!

I ran to class seeing as it was still pouring down with rain. When I arrived my books were damp all the ink on the paper was smudged it was all just a mess.

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