Chapter 59

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The sounds of fighting and gunshots rang out on the first level of the house as I lay on the floor of the basement, two more Templars standing above me. Both were going for their guns and I had to act fast or I would be in serious trouble. They both turned to face the stairs, one drawing his holstered weapon, the other starting to head for his. I sprang from the floor onto his back and ripped into the side of his throat with my teeth, snarling viciously. I tore his throat out while he screamed, before it turned into a wet gurgle; his body falling to the floor in a slump. I turned, eyes red, to the other Templar who whipped his body around to point his gun at me.

The shock and terror in his eyes at the surprise of me being a vampire and having just killed his partner, rocked his mind. "It can't be," the whispered statement slipped from his mouth as he looked down on my glowing red eyes, my mouth dripping with his partner's blood. He was in such a state of shock, he just stared at me; fascination clouding his mind from taking immediate action. His mind showed, just like the other Templar, that he had never even seen a female vampire before; he even believed them to be a true myth. I was about to spring on him during his distracted state, when a shout from upstairs drew my attention. More gunshots rang out and I froze, as I saw the form of another Templar backing his way down the stairs, weapon drawn.

I launched myself at him instead, wrapping my arms around his back, going for his throat. I saw the other Templar's senses return to him and he started turning his weapon on me. Peter and Nicolae rushed down the stairs just as the Templar started firing at me. I turned sharply, dragging the Templar who I was attacking with me, just in time for his body to shield me from the onslaught of poisoned bullets coming from the other Templar's gun. The brothers converged on him, avoiding getting shot, just as the basement window shattered, Drogo flinging himself through it and right onto the Templar's back. I turned my attention back to finishing off the Templar in my grasp; he was dying from being shot but I wanted to finish him off, so he couldn't fire any shots towards the brothers.

He dropped at my feet just as I looked up to see the brothers pull the other Templar apart. Nicolae sped over to me and took me in his arms, holding my head to his chest. I could feel his relief radiating out from him, as he held me close. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him. The three Templars that had gotten off duty had apparently walked really slowly down the street, taking longer than we had expected. "I'm alright, Nicolae," I reassured him, hugging him firmly. I pulled back and looked up into his worried eyes with a smile. He bent and kissed me, sighing with the relief of it. "You're hurt!" I exclaimed when I noticed he had taken a shot to the shoulder. He simply nodded in a calm way.

Peter and Drogo piled the bodies in the basement and lit it on fire, as I started helping Nicolae home. Soon we were all together at the manor in the study. Sebastian had come in with us. Drogo and Peter helped dig out the bullet out of Nicolae's shoulder, the shot entering from the front. I handed Drogo a syringe and he put the needle in Nicolae's neck and pushed down the plunger; the drugs had given us the idea to try administering the antidote this way to see if it worked better. The speed at which Nicolae started to feel better was amazing; it worked and we were all pleased with the results. Once we knew that Nicolae was going to be ok, I walked him up to his room. Peter and Drogo went to go help put Lorie to bed instead of us. Sebastian headed home.

Nicolae looked at me in a loving way as I started to unbutton his vest, taking it off of him and reaching down to pull his tunic over his head. He pulled me to his chest for a hug and my eyes looked where the bullet had been. He was totally healed without a mark on him but I ran my fingers over the skin where it had been. He smiled and laid his head on top of mine. He could hear how relieved I was that he was ok and his mind returned the sentiment. Our minds listened in on each other's thoughts for a time while he held me gently. I pressed a kiss to where my fingers had been and he turned his head to look at me, my eyes meeting his beautiful blue ones. My hand slid up his bare chest, onto his neck, as my lips went from his shoulder to his lips. His hands came to frame my back as he kissed me back.

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