dia de los Muertos? (Raph x Marcy)

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A/n: this is something i wanted to right but didn't know where to put it so it's going in this book, i will work on one for x readers as well (Halloween related)


Raph's P.O.V

"what do you mean she can't come over for the marathon?" i asked April as i set up the movies to pic from "she's selabrating dia de los Muertos with her family" she said "dia say what now?" i asked "the day of the dead, it's a day that her people go and selabrait their dead loved ones, its so they dont go to the land of the forgotten" she said putting pop corn on the table "but it's just her, Marty, and Liz. Marty is here and so is Liz" i said slightly confused "dude, hello" Marty said holding her lion tail up "yeah what she said" Liz said walking in "i almost forgot you guys are mutants, and that Mar's adopted" i said with a chuckle before sitting down next to the others "im gonna go find her once it gets dark" i said with a smile 

************************time skip****************************

Marcy's P.O.V

"hola mamma, hola papa" i said sitting next to my parents graves "i brought some churos and empanadas" i pulled out the sweet snack and the tasty dish, lighting the candls "i wanted to make you feel at home, and let you know i still remember all of you." i pulled my guitar out and started strumming it, not really knowing what to do. the sun had started to set "i wont forget you, i wont let you fall, when you're in need i'll pull you back up." strumming faster and louder "i love you more than the stars, i miss you more each day, i love you, right from the start" i heard clapping "hey Mar" raph said sitting next to me "oh hey raph, you should be with the others" i said "well you missed the party so" he started "We brought it to you" Mikeys voice rang out as the others sat down "Hola Mr Carlos, Hola Mrs Carlos" Liz and Marty said with a smile lighting a candle "hi" Donnie said lighting one as well, soon all the candles were lit and everyone was singing to the song marry you for no reason, or so i thought

Raph's P.O.V

i had signaled everyone to stop, and got on one knee "Marcy, i think i wanna marry you" i said pulling out the ring "will you?" i asked

*******time skip*****

Raph's P.O.V

"and that kids, is how i proposed to your mother" i said with a smirk "holly mother of mutagen" Brooklyn said in shock "cool!" Al said with a smile as the two ran off 


i will make one for the actual x reader, i just couldn't resist this one

by Love's ~ Marcellus

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