Hanahaki (McDuke)

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Marshy: Happy Halloween, you guys and girls! I hope you get plenty of candy, and I hope you have a great night! I, personally, am not going trick or treating as I can't stand the interactions. I also don't have any Heathers cosplays so I'm not leaving my house. So, as a replacement…




Ah, Heather Duke, the girl who, to most, had little to no discernable personality, had a massive, gigantic, not to mention obvious, crush on another member of their four person clique, the Heathers. That girl - yes, girl - was Heather McNamara. She was bi, as she had declared that one time back in sixth grade, and actually stuck with it. Duke was bi, but most presumed her straight. She wanted to confess to Mac, but…

Mac had no interest of being anything other than friends. Duke, although hurt, respected her wishes and never did confess. But she had to, and quickly.


The Heathers were all skipping class, and Duke was in a stall, trying to get herself to gag, with no avail, for some reason. She had eaten, and now she wanted to bring it up. Why wasn't it? Was her body finally going against her bulimic actions?

She couldn't think of it much, because she started coughing violently, a really uncomfortable but strange feeling in the back of her throat. As she threw up her food, she noticed something in the less-than-sanitary toilet bowl.

A single, yellow flower.

Duke's eyes widened, and she looked over her shoulder, but upon seeing Mac, she coughed up another flower.

Okay, now she's concerned. She couldn't call Mac, though, because she'll make her cough up more. Chandler was distracting herself with her make up tools, and Veronica was writing in her diary.

Veronica.’ She coughed a little, “Ron, come here for a minute, would you?” She sneered in her usual bitchy tone. But, it was more raspy then she'd like. Veronica reluctantly came over as Duke shut and locked the stall. The green girl grabbed the blue girl and directed her gaze to the bowl.

“Heather, what the fuck-” Veronica glanced into the bowl, seeing two vibrant yellow flowers float around aimlessly. She instantly froze, knowing what it meant, “Oh my God…” She breathed, as Duke looked up at the taller brunette expectantly.

“Well?” Duke snapped, just as worried.

“Heather, you..”

“God, spit it out!”

“…You have Hanahaki Disease.”

What?’ Duke raised a brow, her eyes widened, “Wh-What?”

Veronica unlocked the stall door, looking at Mac and Chandler who hadn't noticed their conversation, “Chan, Mac, can you guys leave, please? I need to talk to Duke. Privately.”

“Ugh, fine. But you better not fuck, you two,” Chandler smirked, packing up her things and dragging Mac to the door, “Ten minutes, make it snappy.” She barked, shutting the door behind them.

Duke left the stall after flushing it.

“Who do you have a crush on?”


“Chandler?” The blue girl raised a brow, seeing as Duke didn't specify which of the two.

“Oh! Sorry, I mean, Mac.”



It took seven of the ten minutes they were allowed, but Veronica explained, and Duke was terrified, and she was panicking.

“Can't I just get rid of it?!”

“You can, but the only ways of getting rid of it are either: One, you get Mac to love you back. Two, you in could get surgery but there is a most likely chance that you'll never feel love again--”

“Atleast I'd live up to the ‘no discernable personality’ label,” Duke joked, “Sorry, continue.”

“Yes, well,” Veronica sighed, “If you don't do either of those things, it gives you the last option,” She inhaled, “You'd die, Heather.”


“Don't worry! I'm here to help - to try to get Mac to love you! If not, we're going in to the surgery… I don't want you to die, no matter how much of a bitch you may be.” The brunette smiled. Duke nodded.

“So, the plan?” The smaller green girl asked.


“…and that's what we're gonna do.” Veronica finished, just as Chandler and Mac came back into the restroom, and Duke was quick to go back into her stall, another flower making it's appearance just as she got into the stall.

“What the Hell are you on about, V?” Chandler demanded, glancing at Duke's stall.

“Oh! Uh, the Science project me and Duke are working on!”

Chandler seemed to buy the excuse. Mac looked over at Duke. The yellow girl shuffled over to Duke, patting her back, “Dukie, are you okay?” she asked.

No, I'm a disastrous bi who has a gigantic crush on you, and I'm also growing flowers in my lungs.’ She wanted to say.

“Yeah, I'll be fine, Mac… Also, don't call me that.” She replied, more raspy, but she hid it. She wouldn't let her see her weakness.

“Oh, okay.” She shuffled over to Veronica, who was whispering things to her, but Duke couldn't care what it was about as she flushed the toilet.


It was getting closer to her death, Duke knew that, so should she confess her feelings, being rejected would get her killed - literally. But she has to, or she'll die. It's been three weeks since the first petal and everytime she saw Mac, more came along. She even coughed up multiple stems. It certainly wasn't helping her bulimia, though.

She had called Mac and told her to meet her at the school's rooftop. Soon enough, the tall cheerleader arrived.

“Hey, Heather!” She chirped, and Duke bit back the urge to spit out petals.


“Your voice - are you okay? You've been avoiding me for ages! Why would you-”

“BECAUSE I LIKE YOU!” Duke blurted, going into a massive coughing fit. Mac stood, stunned, watching her friend struggle to breathe, then falling limp. Mac instantly picked her up, holding the limp girl in her arms.

“Oh my God! No, Dukie, please, stay with me!” The green girl's head lolled to the side.

“I l-like you too…” Mac mumbled, crying into the girl's shoulder. She lost her chance. She was gone, and it was her fault.

“Y…You..do?” Duke croaked, looking up at her weakly. Mac squeezed her.

“Oh my God, I thought you were dead! You scared me! Yes, I've always liked you!”

Duke spat up a bunch of dead yellow flowers and a bunch of stems, “H-Hey, I'm not dead..” The green girl pulled the yellow one into her own hug.

That's how McDuke became their name.

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