Chapter 22

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Zinnia Point of view

Clean Kill!

I did not realize till now that I can shoot the target safely given my unlucky hands. But damn, I did it.

I did it!

"Okay guys, get up we need to prepare for Level – 2. Next battleground should be spacious so we don't get interrupted by other props." I went on to wake up the men so we can move on to Level 2 in the game.

Personally, I prefer beaches or lighter side of woods so we can have wide range battle without any disturbance.

"Mr. Monk... Mr. Monk..." I shook him but his trance is not broken at all. He was looking at me with wide eyes as if he has seen something shocking and unexpected.

Is it because he thought I don't know battling but when I played so professionally, he was shocked and impressed?

Sometimes Mr. Monk is so inexpressive that it get tough for me to understand what is going on in his mind.

Why can Mr. Monk think something simple?

I stood on tip toes and kissed Mr. Monk on his cheek so he can get out of his trance when he feels my electrocuting lips on his skin. I was told by Albina many times that I have hot lips so maybe Mr. Monk may get a little burnt but it's necessary.

"They are – dead" he murmured in shock. His eyes solely found mine and he looked at me like I have killed someone.

"Of course they are. They need time to get revived to go to next level." Aww, seems like Mr. Monk was afraid of violence and cannot bear a little violence in games too.

Stupid Zinnia, you shouldn't have forgotten that Mr. Monk is a soft hearted person.

Immediately I held his face in both my hands and pulled him down to my level, "its okay. It's just fake blood and the characters get revived in a few hours." He got scared of fake blood too. God bless such pure soul!

This is it... This is the reason my love for him is growing in a rapid speed.

I took his hand and started pulling him outside the restaurant so I can take him to our hotel room. It's been a tough day for him and I think he needs rest.

"Alright guys, text us when the next battleground is decided." I yelled back to the unconscious men.

We reached hotel and soon I pushed him into the washroom and ordered him to wash up so we could have dinner. I have a plan for us tonight to enjoy time with each other.

This afternoon I searched for things that I need to do with my boyfriend and one of the suggestions were watching movie marathon with him to get close. So I already asked the hotel staff to bring few movies so I and Mr. Monk get close, closer and close-up.


"Zinnia, do you even know what happened in the restaurant?" Mr. Monk asked once he finished his dessert. Ah ha! He is back. I thought he was love paralyzed see me fighting like a pro gamer.

"Yes. Why are you talking about that now? We already finished Level 1 of the game and we won. So forget about it and let's concentrate on what we need to do next." If he was going to compliment me then I'm a very shy person and it would be awkward between us.

I know I am good in many things so I don't want him list them out for me. It would take the whole night for him to list all of them and I want us to watch movies tonight.

Mr. Monk took a long sigh and shook his head slightly murmuring something to himself.

"Why are you so difficult, Zinnia? Why is it so hard to understand you?" Mr. Monk asked in a serious tone, genuinely curious to know.

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