Chapter 4| Mischievous

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Annabelle's P.O.V

My feet made noise as I walked faster and faster through the empty halls of the school.

My shakey body entered the cafeteria, my eyes cautiously scanning my surroundings, landing on one curly head from afar standing in the food line, she turned around, her eyes widening as they landed on me.

"I thought you were gonna stay there." She rushed towards me with a tray between her hands, I just shook my head quickly, walking further inside, she just followed me silently until she reached next to me.

"I was going to eat with my friends, but if you feel uncomfortable we'll sit alone." She explained, and I held back the yes that was theatening to surface, but that was too selfish of me to say; she shouldn't feel stuck to me and my mess, she should join other teens our age.

Normal teens.

I nodded, and a full blown smile reached her full lips, "They're the nicest, you'll love them!" She showed her pearly teeth, "They may make weird comments though, you'll get used to it." She laughed, and a small smile spread across my anxious face because of her her obvious excitement.

At least she was happy.

"Hey guys!" She shaked her shoulders, a full on grin still plastered on her face as she placed the tray down on a table of six seats.

My eyes landed on the first that came into view, his layed back style, wavey auburn hair, all screamed chill. His hand was rested on the table while his other arm rested on a girl with dyed dark blue hair, her small shoulders protected by a muscled arm as she ate her pizza with appetite.

Double checking, they looked too similar to each other.

She laughed when the girl next to her what I assumed told a joke, but she seemed to die of her own joke, almost falling off her chair as her tan skin glowed in the noon sunlight, her messy short hair flying everywhere as she slapped her thigh through the fit of laughter.

My eyes studied their body language carefully as we sat down on the two empty seats, leaving a stray seat empty, "Well hello there Sar, nice to see that you still know we're alive, I'm very fine thank you for asking." The tan girl recovered from her laughter, her brown eyes glowing with amusement, and the way she sat in her seat gave a vibe of a class-clown, her legs slightly spread as she leaned on the table, elbows hitting and chin resting on closed fists. Her denim overall baggy and comfy.

"Yeah yeah, it's just two days that I skipped lunch with you, chill." Sarah rolled her eyes, a smile lingering on her plump lips. "And who's your friend?" The girl with blue hair asked, a small smile drawing on her lips, and all eyes suddenly surrounded me causing me to blush and shrink back in my seat. My heart beating a million times per second; I don't want them to know who I am, they will not be happy.

"This is-" Sarah began enthusiastically, but her excitement was cut short and a sigh of relief left my lips.

"Sarah!" The girl rushed to our table, her straight deep ginger hair that was almost brown pounced on top of her shoulders, her hazel eyes bored right into our table, her tray was placed infront of the empty chair, sitting down without waiting for a greeting back.

Her eyes moved to lock with mine, and a shiver ran down my spine, her eyes sharp and eating me slowly away, her eyes seemed to hold something deep, dark. The hair on the back of my neck stood and I felt like there was nothing surrounding me except for my terrified eyes colliding with cold ones.

But as soon as it came, it went away.

Her eyes removed from mine, returning to their normal warm hazel, and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

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