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Dedicated to ArshiSarRunHolic

"Khushi-ji, I had never expected you to stoop so low and be so character-" Shyam stopped abruptly feeling his head being thrown to the side and a sting forming on his face. Anger filled his insides as he looked up back to see the person who dared to slap him.

A fearful shudder passed down his spine when he saw Arnav standing in front of him with his eyes spitting fire.

Arnav clutched his collar jerking him in his place and warned him, "How dare you? One word against my Khushi and I will kill you right away."

"Chhote-" Anjali cried weakly at the back.

"Saale Saheb, what are you doing?" Shyam tried his luck and tried freeing himself from Arnav. He continued in his failed attempts, "You are just blind in love, Saale Saheb, that's why you aren't seeing the truth. Trust me, women like her can't be trusted. They all can stoop-"

Arnav punched Shyam's jaw stopping him in his speech. "I warned you, Shyam, not a word against my wife. I don't need you to tell me what a person my wife is. I know her well enough."

"And what did you say, my sister is lying?" Payal stepped forward confronting Shyam. "You mean to say you didn't stay at our house as a paying guest? You are denying that you were once engaged to my sister?"

"Yeh..Yes... I am denying that. I can't believe you are lying to cover up your sister, Payal-ji. I thought you were different unlike Khushi-ji." Shyam replied throwing a disgusting look at Khushi. Khushi's betrayal, faking her love for him, was getting on his nerves. He wanted revenge. He looked back at Payal and continued, "What proof do you have that I was engaged to Khushi-ji? What proof do you have to show that you are right and I am wrong?"

Payal stayed shut at her place. He was right. What proof did they even have? Their father was sick. Khushi was engaged away in a hurried ceremony with only family members present. They did not even have photos of the same. How will they prove? Payal's eyes turned moist as she realized she had nothing to prove her baby sister's innocence. A lone tear fell out of her eye at her inability and helplessness.

"I trust them." Payal looked up surprised at Aakash. Aakash looked back at her and blinked his eyes in assurance. He knew his Payal, she wouldn't lie for anyone. Payal smiled in gratitude and sighed in relief as someone other than Arnav trusted them.

"And I don't need proofs to trust my Khushi. I know what a lowlife you are." Arnav gritted moving a predatory step closer to Shyam making him jerk back a little, in fear.

"Chho... Chhote!" Anjali sobbed clutching the sofa trying to grab Arnav's attention. Arnav looked back at Anjali listening to her feeble voice and ran towards her. "Di!"

Anjali leaned on Arnav crying at the mess her family was facing. "Chhote!"

"Yes, Di!" Arnav caressed Anjali's hair trying to calm her crying. Khushi looked at Arnav and Anjali standing right opposite to her. Khushi felt a tug at her heart as she saw the pain in Arnav's eyes. She knew he trusted her, he had made it very clear but she was just as unsure about Anjali. Anjali had various reasons to mistrust her. She has caught Shyam and her at awkward situations in the necessary conditions. Anjali wouldn't be wrong if she thought Khushi and Shyam were seeing each other but that was not the truth. And Khushi did not know how to prove her innocence.

Khushi broke out of her thoughts as she heard Anjali speak, "Please give Shyam-ji a benefit of doubt. I know him. I trust him, Chhote. He loves me. He won't betray me. Please trust him."

Arnav was taken aback at Anjali's words. He did not know how to explain his sister about the slime's betrayal.

Arnav broke apart from Anjali and held her by her shoulders, preparing himself to explain her. "Di!" Anjali looked at Arnav's desperateness and nodded at him hoping for him to accept her words. "Di, do you trust me?"

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