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what does a man see?, a mistress , the object of pain to the wife.

a source of mistrust, humiliation and betrayal.

a mistress, what is it about her?

the thrill of the moment, triump of secret meetings,

the joy of not being caught or that thrill of almost being caught.

what can he possibly get that's not provided at home?

why risk it all for a mistress? he has all love availabe by his side.

what can she offer that a wife cant provide? 

a mistress just a woman like the rest, if he so desired her,

he should have offered for her,

proffesed love should be celebrated.

why all the secrecy? it shouldn't be something to hidden.

he should have married her instead and spared all the pain of betray to come.

why bring pain to family? is it worth to keep the mistress?

to break the trust, loyalty and love sown over the years? all for beauty of the moment,

isn't love offered and given freely enough?

what can she give that the woman of his heart can not fulfill?

is not love important? shoul i partake in one so as to feel what thrills you?

how would it feel if the shoe were on the other foot?

a mistress still a mystrey, yet a woman just like me.

by mariam furaha

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