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Akeno POV

I couldn't sleep. The fight was to take place tomorrow.Tomorrow, it is going to turn out whether all our effort in training will give some results.I went for a walk at night.When I was going outside, I noticed Rias sitting at the table reading something.

Akeno: Good evening, Rias.

Rias: Hm? Oh, good evening, Akeno.

I sat next to her, looked at her in silence for a moment.

Akeno: You can't sleep too?

Rias pulled off her glasses, put down the book, and with her eyes closed, she said:

Rias: I'm afraid...Riser is a powerful devil.F/N is also strong ...but I'm afraid he's not strong enough.We can lose him...

Rias started to cry softly.I hugged her.

Akeno: Don't worry... Everything will be fine. I'm sure of it.

Rias: How do you know that?

Akeno: I feel it.

Rias: May you be right.

We heard a creak from the stairs. We turned and we saw Asia and Koneko on the stairs.

Kenoko&Asia: Good evening.

Rias: Good evening.What are you doing here?

Asia: We can't sleep, we are worried...

Koneko confirmed, nodding her head.We all sat at a table.

Asia: I'm afraid about F/N, what if he fails? I can't live without him!

Asia began to cry.

Kenoko: F/N - senpai is too confident. He can lose because of that.He doesn't know what he's dealing with. I don't want anything to happen to him...

Koneko huddled on the chair and dropped her head.We were all very nervous.

We were all very nervous.It's not that Rias would have to marry Riser, but that we could lose our ...friend. We talked for a moment, until I came up with an idea.

Akeno: Maybe, we'll go check on what's up with F/N?

The girls looked at me questioningly.

Akeno: Maybe he is also stressed by tomorrow.Maybe we'll relax somehow.

Rias: It's not even a stupid idea.

Rias stood up and walked toward the F/N room.

Rias:Are you going?

We all broke up and moved.We opened the room door quietly and noticed that Kiba Issei and F / N were sleeping.F/N looked very calm. Koneko was probably right, he does not know what he is dealing with. But his cheerful face made me feel calmer.We did not want to wake him, but Rias came up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

Rias: Good luck.

She whispered in his ear and quietly left the room.A moment later Asia also kissed F / N.

Asia: Please, do not let anything happen to you.

Asia left the room, crying.

Koneko: Please, come back, I'd like to be with you a little bit longer.

Koneko kissed him on the cheek and left the room. I stayed alone with him.

Akeno: I believe in you, I am sure that nothing will happen to you but...

I pulled out the violet crystal of power Rias took from F/Nand I hid it under his pillow.

Akeno: ...I give it to you in case you need help.Sleep well ... and good luck.I kissed him on the cheek and returned to my room.

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