Chapter 15.4: Jacky

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Jacky had heard stories about Matt's temper

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Jacky had heard stories about Matt's temper. Not that he'd ever heard of Matt hitting a girl – he wasn't sure even Matt would sink that low. But Matt had flipped out during gym class and during football games, hurling equipment and sometimes shoving around his teammates or opponents, whatever had pissed him off.

Not that Nina couldn't take care of herself, but Matt was a linebacker. Things could go very wrong.

"Nina, you okay?" he asked.

Both of them looked at him. "Yes, yes, Dyusha," Nina said, waving him away.

"How long have you been in that room?" Matt asked slowly.

"Long enough," Jacky said. He looked at Nina. "Matt didn't do anything."

"You fuckin' creeper," Matt started.

"You do not speak to my Dyusha this way!" Nina yelled.

For a tense moment, the couple stared each other down. Then Nina relented. "I am certain Dyusha tells the truth. Okay? I am sorry for the yelling."

Matt stepped back, only slightly appeased. He gave Jacky a hard look. "Get lost," he said.

"No," said Nina.

Matt sighed. "Just... we need to talk. Alone."

"Yeah, sure." Jacky sneaked a glance back at the bedroom, but Ryan still had not emerged. He ducked his head down and skirted past Matt and Nina, only pausing at the head of the stairs.

He knew why Ryan hadn't followed him out. It would have been too obvious. The two of them, alone in an empty bedroom together? Jacky's makeup all smudged? He wiped at his face and made his way down the stairs.

In touching his face, he remembered Ryan's lips there.


Happy Halloween, everyone! 

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