Chapter 58

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"Sasha, are you sure this is a good idea?" Peter looked at me with his green eyes that were colored with concern as he watched me change from my closet door. "I doubt they will see this coming. Female vampires being rare, they won't suspect me to be one as well. It'll be fine, so long as Drogo doesn't get shot in the process, but he should disappear before they get to me." I zipped up my boot as I finished talking and stood. I walked over to Peter, my eyes soft as I looked at him. He looked down at me and reached out to caress my face. His look was so tender as both of his hands came to my face, his fingertips gently framing my jawline while his thumbs traced slow lines on my cheek bones.

I could see the concern still in his beautiful eyes as he studied me. I didn't hide from him; he could see that I wasn't worried, so I did my best to reassure him. I brushed a hand up into his black hair, angling my face up to meet his as I pulled him to my lips. My other hand rested on his chest, feeling his heart. I kept my face close to his whispering, "I'll have all three of you there with me, Peter. How could I be safer?" My dark angel wasn't convinced. "I promise to be as careful as I can. I've done this so many times, Peter. I'll be fine; we'll be fine," I whispered at him. His green eyes positively sparkled at my correction, a small smile coming to his lips.

I kissed him again slowly, savoring his taste, his arms coming around me. I wanted him but I had to go; the shift change was close. I pulled back aflame to look at him. "It's time to go, unfortunately," I whispered, letting my lips part while I ran my thumb over his. His eyes darkened to the deepest green and I could just hear the tiniest breathy groan escape him with his exhale. "That's right, brother," Drogo jeered, pulling me abruptly away from Peter. "You have to watch me ravage our girl while we lure in our prey." Peter flashed Drogo an irritated look but his eyes remained dark, telling me that he didn't fully object to the idea. I flashed him a smile as Drogo drug me along.

Once outside, I leaned over and kissed Sebastian on the cheek. "Thanks Seb, for watching over the manor while we're gone," I said with a smile. He nodded at me with a smile. The brothers and I headed toward the opposite side of town, close to one of the Templar houses. It was the less-remote of the two with other abandoned buildings and houses across the street. It was where we were going to stage our trap. Peter and Nicolae positioned themselves just inside an old brick building on the opposite end of the alleyway from the Templar house; the house had a clear view of the dark alleyway, that was only partially lit by the streetlamp a fair distance off.

Drogo's fingers were laced with mine as he led us down the alleyway, just barely close enough to the light to put us in a darkened area that was still difficult to fully see. The side of us appeared as a just visible shadow, as he pressed me against the wall; it wouldn't be enough for a full show, just the tiniest glimpse to make it known what we were up to. Human eyes would just barely be able to make out some movement and skin but the brother's eyes would be able to take in everything from farther down the alleyway. Drogo's pupils were already blown by the time he had pressed me into the wall; the idea of his brothers watching us had him excited almost as much as us fooling around in rather 'public' location. I gave him a wicked smile, slipping my hands under his shirt to caress and tease him. He was made for this role.

We had only a couple of minutes before the shift change at the house; the new duo being our target. Drogo pressed me into the wall behind me, growling a little, with one hand on the wall beside my face, the other slipping under my tank top. He took possession of my mouth just as a moan slipped from me at his igniting touch against my skin. I felt him smile against my lips before he slipped his hot wet tongue into my mouth to intertwine with mine, making my breathing go shallow already. After a minute of driving me wild with his mouth, he slid that amazing tongue down my skin to the hollow of my neck to trace circles there, drawing out another moan. My hands worked his shirt up a little as I clenched it, digging my nails into him, while he nipped and kissed me there on my neck he had made so sensitive with his tongue.

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