Chapter 55 - cameron

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POV Ethan 


When Mao and I finally made it to my house it was almost 10pm. I texted Cam earlier and told her to make us food because we haven't eaten anything and I don't want Mao to skip diner. Cameron is actually a really good cook so I hope Mao is gonna like it, she needs to.

"What if they don't like me at all and scream at me then kick me out of their house ?" Mao asked me.
"Dont you thinks that you're kind of over reacting just a little bit ?"
"No but honestly, e... I'm shitting my pants right now." She said, and I could tell that she was nervous.

I took her soft, dark painted nails, hand in mine and kissed the back of it, smiling at her.

"You look amazing, this pink fox printed shirt suits you perfectly, your beanie is super cute and so are you. They're definitely gonna love you."
"Well of course you like the beanie you ass, it's your merch. And I thought you hated my second grader animals printed shirts ?" She said laughing.

I laughed along with her and then stopped when she started coughing. I waited for her to breath normally again, my hand on her back, and then I slowly put a lock of her hair that slipped out of the beanie in its place.

"I do hate those shirts but it's okay, I signed for it." I told her.
"Oh you're so brave sweetie." She said using James's expression.

I laughed.

"But no, I'm serious Mao, I know I rarely tell you that kind of stuff but I really should, you're really beautiful, and I mean it. You're funny, kind and extremely smart, they really have zero reasons not to love you." I told her.

She smiled at me.

"Thank you..." She whispered.


Mao and I walked to the front door and I knocked a couple times, waiting for my parents or Cameron to open the door.

Not gonna lie, I feel like I shouldn't be scared, or anxious, because I know my parents, but I'm also kind of shitting my pants right now.

I looked at Mao and she was already looking at me. I squeezed her hand I smiled.

It's gonna be okay. It has to.

I already told my parents and Cam about her and even if I would have not, they are going to love her because who wouldn't ? Right?
Gray loved her right away when he first met her in the plane. James Bryant and Emma as well. So it has to be a good sign.

It's biologically impossible to not like her.

The door suddenly opened and I saw Cam with the biggest smile on her face.

"Here they are ! Hi ladies !" She said, excited.

She hugged me tight and rubbed my back. We haven't seen each other in ages... And I missed her a lot.
I wish Gray was here, it doesn't feels right to reunite with my family without him. I'm missing something.

Cam let go of me and then she turned to hug Mao.

Careful... I was mentally telling her.

"Well hello !" She told her while taking her in her arms.

Cam was a slightly taller than Mao but it was barely noticeable.
Mao never stopped smiling so I think she likes my sister. That's a good step.

"Hi, I'm Mao."
"Cameron, nice to finally meet you !"
"Oh yeah, me too !" Mao said.
"A whole year and this kid never dared to bring us the gal." She exclaimed with a fake serious face on.

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