Chapter 15: Andrew

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Andrew didn't know what to do. Every two seconds, someone else was coming up to him and telling him how awesome his costume was. He still hadn't gotten out of the front hallway.

The Harrison mansion looked like a scene out of some John Hughes movie. He didn't know parties like this actually happened in high school. All this time, he'd been missing out. "Holy shit, you look awesome!" said a guy Andrew used to know from the soccer team. "How have you been?"

It was strange. Like he'd been gone for the past two years, and this was his homecoming. Only he'd been here the whole time.

Cody, on the other hand, was loving this. "I did his makeup," he told everyone who would listen.

"You should stop bragging about that," Andrew told him during a momentary lull. "You want Nina to think you're gay?"

That shut Cody up. Not that Andrew really thought Nina would think that - Nina had found them almost right away and she'd stuck with them ever since. "I miss you," she had told Cody, laying a hand on his arm, and Andrew had to try hard not to laugh at the expression on Cody's face.

The one person Andrew wanted to come talk to him hadn't. He had glimpsed Ryan in the hallway shortly after Nina joined them, but Andrew hadn't recognized him right away since he was wearing this weird black fedora, which then ducked into the kitchen, and it had been about fifteen minutes and still Ryan had not come out. Andrew knew Ryan had seen him.

"Hey, hey, hey!"

Andrew recognized that voice. Cody did, too. The speaker lifted a werewolf mask and revealed himself to be Darius Cruz.

"I thought that was you! Nice costume."

"Thanks." Andrew smiled. "I like your costume, too."

"Yeah, well, you know my parents. They always have a ton of costume stuff lying around..." The Cruz family was notorious for doing a big haunted house in their yard and garage each year. Mr. and Mrs. Cruz were more into Halloween than any of their four kids. "But you! This is great. I have to tell you, I think about you a lot."

"You... do?" Andrew wasn't sure how to take that. Darius was most definitely not gay. His girlfriend was standing right there, wearing an old dress streaked with blood from a fake neck wound – like she'd been bitten by a werewolf.

"Yeah. You know, like, soccer is one of the few sports you don't need your hands for. You could totally get back into shape for it."

"Oh.... oh." Andrew didn't quite know what to say. He hadn't even thought about any sports except skateboarding since the accident, and skateboarding wasn't going so great.

"Hey, I don't mean to cross any lines or whatever, but you know you were really good back in middle school. Just a thought. Uh, so I'm gonna get another drink."

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